warm pallet wall warms cement furniture

Wood Passion Decorating

Published June 2019
Updated September 2021

Wood in its multitude of varieties is a universal building material.

It’s readily available and can be cut, carved, drilled and shaped to create the materials we use every day. Wood’s versatile nature is one reason it is a mainstay inside and outside the home. Wood’s raw beauty adds character and the warmth of wood adds atmosphere and value.

Creating and decorating with wood’s natural beauty needs little to no helping hand. The texture and patterns in wood stand alone. Incongruent grains, knots, and rings show out beautifully in freshly cut wood. Or try a helping hand with stain or distressing for different looks. A mix of natural and painted pieces sets up a contrast between light and dark.

The lightly brushed layer of stain allows natural knots and grains to show through, even magnifying them. Create an accent wall with reclaimed boards that are scuffed, marked and painted in a unique way. Sitting in various locations in your living room you’ll be amazed seeing how the light bounces off the boards. White and gray paint act as a unifying factor in a decorative scheme. These light colors amplify daylight by reflecting it around the room.

wood reflecting light for warmth

Wood is malleable, easily taking on many forms. Everyday objects, bowls, spoons, utensils, games, toys and candlesticks share a crafted handmade look that glorifies imperfections and individuality, whether they are on display or used every day.

Trade in plastic and metal for wood, and you will feel the difference. Dig out those old toys you used as a kid or find some at garage sales or flea markets and give new life to these discarded pieces as a thoughtful way to decorate and add character to your surroundings.

Keep in mind, wood’s longevity enables it to go through many lifetimes of use, changing its function in a surprising number of ways. When you bring into your home a piece of wood furniture or object that has outgrown its usefulness, changing it to your color scheme or best function, you prolong its history, giving it another story to tell.

Incorporate wood pieces whether it be furniture or art to soften a modern looking room in your home. Concrete floors or slate rock walls can be softened with a rug and a beautiful solid wood mission chair.

 rock wall needs mission chair for wood accentmission wood chair

Place a rock wall behind a concrete sink and wood countertop to create that balance of warmth and modern charm.

wood counter cement sink and brick wall

Rock accent walls can be warmed up with wood beams and/or wood built-ins.

rock wall with wood builtins

Wood shelving on rock walls is the perfect combination for warmth and beauty.


wood shelving on brick wall adds warmth

Find wood accent furniture pieces at an antique shop to add to a brick wall background for an ultra chic look.

wood tables for rock wall background-chic

antique wood tables against a brick wall chic look

Likewise with a pallet wall accent you’re free to use concrete in your furniture such as coffee tables. The wood wall creates a warm feel that can offset a more modern decorating scheme.

 pallet wall warms up cement furniture accents

There are endless uses for wood, and decorating your home with it whether that be walls, furniture or games and toys for decoration, you’ll never run out of unique ideas and options before you run out of the unique wood you’ll use.

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We’d love to hear the decorating schemes you’ve used to balance wood with other elements in your home. Please share below.

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