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Create an Accent Pallet Wall

Hi folks-

We've had some inquiries about creating an accent wall. Our favorite is the Pallet Wall. You can make it unique, rustic, or with the vibrant colors and themes of your choice.ย 

There are basically 2 ways to adhere the planks or boards to your wall. Both will ensure that you will need to RE-drywall if you remove it. :)

(Hint: let the new owner do that).

One, we call Method 1 is the easiest. Once you have your planks ready to go...that is... off the pallet, sanded, and then painted or stained per your would adhere the plank to the wall with wood glue and nail it into the drywall to secure while the glue dries.

Method 2 involves installing thin strips of plywood on the drywall, connected to the studs. Then nailing the planks to the plywood strips.

One seems easier to me--ย  but definitely your choice.ย  ย :)

Method 1ย ย 

Method 2

Thanks all-please reach out if you have questions!

Email the Benchmaster

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