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Q: Can I paint my bench?

A: Absolutely. With the fun trendy neon colors out right now you could have a lot of fun with that! Order the bench with no stain and paint away!


Q: How long does it take to receive my benches? 

Benches will ship out accordingly: 1-5 benches will ship within 1 week and travels by freight arriving in 1-2 weeks. 6-24 benches ships 2-3 weeks and same travel time by freight. Orders of 25 and larger will ship out 4-6 weeks with a 2-3 week travel time. Please plan accordingly and note:  We love large orders and tend to get them towards the end of the year. Please contact us and we would love to make your day by getting you the number of benches you need when you need them. Let's talk! 


Q: How do I get a hold of Benchmaster WoodworX for questions?

A: Visit here: Customer Service


Q: How specific do you get with the stain color? 

A: Not too. We use the same stain color on all benches and as you can see from the pictures throughout the website each bench's wood absorbs the stain differently...making for creative, beautiful and unique designs.


Q: Is it possible to get a rush order?

A: Yes is the short answer--it is possible and we will do our very best to accommodate. Please contact us directly: customerservice@benchmasterwoodworx.com


Q: What is the largest amount of benches I can order?

A: 999. Just kidding-there is no limit. We will work with you on sending out batches and timing. Call or email us with your request and we will respond promptly answering your question(s) or giving you a call to discuss.


Q: Can I buy the wood and put it together myself?

A: Yes--join our mailing list to be notified as we will soon offer 2 options:

1. Buy the Bench fully assembled and either unstained or stained and we will ship to you.

2. Order just the pdf of instructions including list of items and quantities, where and how to purchase the lumber and advice on what to look for, cutting and assembly instructions, and finishing ($99).

If you currently need just the pdf of instructions and items necessary, please email or call us.


Q: I thought the item I ordered would be bigger/smaller/prettier/different?

A: We will allow for an exchange or refund for up to 30 days. Once we receive the item back we will ship the exchanged item to you or we will refund the item cost onto the original payment type used, minus shipping costs.