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Benchmaster WoodworX began in 2018, 2 years after designing and building our first wood benches. As event managers in the trade show industry we were unable to find benches that fit our need for crowd seating during our events. 

The benches had to be solid, durable and able to withstand large crowds and be viable for many shows, over many years. The construction of the bench also needed to sit many people without them feeling crowded or unwilling to sit down--in other words our guests at the trade show needed the seating to feel spacious so more people could utilize one bench at the same time.

We also needed the benches to be created with wood for a natural and warmer feel and better fit in the decorated venue. We couldn't find such benches. 

Enter the benchmaster. A commercial construction project manager, JP, knew he could come up with a solution. He designed the benches to accommodate many people, and be aesthetically pleasing to the event for both decoration and overall function for the event.

They were a hit. Years later these wood benches are still in use for everything from decorating booths, main aisle and stage seating, holding exhibit materials, box office ticket lines, food court seating, and waiting for a ride after the event. The 34 inch width of the bench allows people to sit on both sides and accommodate more people per bench.

We began getting requests from other venue and trade show managers to build these benches for their needs too, and Benchmaster WoodworX was born.  

We're really not tree-huggers, but our love for wood products and the desire to take just one step in everyday life to do our part for our world, the environment and health for generations to come set us down the road finding and sourcing wood products for every day use that not only we, but you too could benefit from. Shop our Catalog.

Our online only store makes it easier for you, our customer, to quickly shop innovative wood uses, wood grain materials, farmhouse lighting, antique interior accessories, pallet art, wood signs, wood wall clocks, and modern rustic home decor and accents.

For pricing and to check availability or to discuss orders & order timing, shipping and delivery or have any general questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can reach us here:


Instagram & FB: @benchmasterwoodworx 

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