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Builders' Choice: Kitchen Island LIghting

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Wood is Good For the Environment

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Wood Is Better Than Plastic

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5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Wood gifts are a much better option than plastic this holiday season. With wood, you’re connecting to the earth in a more natural way, respecting your environment, and you can find gifts that are truly unique.
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Love the Country Look But Want a Fresh Feel? Consider Modern Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

The key is to combine the striking contrast of modernistic metal décor with the warmth of wood, as it’s the blending of these elements that accounts for the successful mood-altering atmosphere you’re looking for.

Read here for more ideas to transform your home from stark modern to sophisticated sleek and warm.

living more sustainably

6 Awesome Steps to Decarbonize Your Home

Decarbonization may mean different things to different people. Whatever decarbonization means to you, the most important takeaway is that reducing carbon footprint is not as hard as it may sound. It’s not about going cold turkey and giving up on all the things you enjoy in life; rather, it’s about making small changes that add up. Here are 6 options to make it easy for you.