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Whether you're looking for home decorating ideas, kitchen accessories, or lighting, we've got them here for you-ย made of wood.
Wood products are sustainable andย yourย choice in helping the environment. #socialresponsibility

Some products we make ourselves and some are made by those better at it.

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Wood is Good

Wood may be the most environmentally friendly material available. Hereโ€™s why:

Wood products are produced from trees, a naturally renewable resource. More wood is grown each year in the United States than is harvested.

Check out the products we carry that Plant One Tree for each order.


Wood is Good For the Environment

Waste is virtually eliminated when trees are used to make wood products. Bark, trims and sawdust are used as an energy source to help power wood production facilities.

It takes far less energy and fossil fuel to produce wood products.

The durability of wood products contributes to its long life.


Builders Choice: Lighting Options

Featured Benches

#TheBenchmaster built benches for all uses: venues & events, fairs & festivals, & family gatherings.

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Customer Favorites - Wall Clocks !

Wood Is Better Than Plastic

Wood products also store carbon, reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

At the end of their initial service life, wood products are easily recycled for other uses.

Wood contributes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than non-renewable plastic, steel and concrete.


Benchmaster Collections

Barblar Pallet & Wood Art

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What Can You Do?

Do you want to do something for your environment? Take steps at living a more ecofriendly lifestyle? Be a more responsible citizen of the planet?
But just don't know where to start?
Begin Here.

First Steps Program
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