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we love and sell wood products for your kitchen, home decor, phone cases and wall clocks

Builders' Choice: Kitchen Island LIghting

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Wood is Good For the Environment

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Customer Faves! Wood Clocks

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Wood Is Better Than Plastic

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sustainable household items

Everyday Choices For Sustainability

Choosing sustainable home decor is a simple and easy way to take first steps on this sustainable journey—in a fun way. Check out these trendy, modern chic, and enjoyable options.
kitchen remodel

Homes With a New Kitchen Often Sell Above List Price

It’s possible to recoup virtually the entire cost of a kitchen upgrade in the purchase price, giving you the opportunity to remodel your kitchen from top to bottom, with less concern for expenses.
landscaped home

Practical Ideas for Reviving Your Home’s Design

After a couple of years of spending more time at home, now could be the perfect time to invest in some home upgrades:

  • figure out your budget 
  • Consider your outdoor space 
  • sell or donate items 
  • rearrange furniture

Before long, you’ll be making impactful changes to your living environment!