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Benches for waiting
Bench. Solid Hand Crafted.
standard wood bench for lobby seating
Bench overflow crowd seating
Bench informal stage seating
Bench in lobby
Bench on main aisle
Benches are stackable and storable
treated wood bench absorbs stain differently
benches in lobby
Benches for watching the weather
Venue bench seating
Benches for sunning while waiting
Benches-venue seating for resting
Benches for ticket holder lines
Benches for seating convenience

Bench. Solid Hand Crafted.

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These hardwood benches are built with crowds in mind. Able to seat 7, even 8 bodies comfortably, they make the perfect solution for your seating needs. 

Place them at your stages, in food courts, main aisles, ticket booths, lobbies, or in exhibit booths for the seating you need.

We ordered 20 benches for the annual Oklahoma State Fair last year and they were so pretty and functional that we ordered 10 more for this year. They work great! 

Thanks - GB

Gina Burchfiel
Vice President State Fair Division
State Fair Park | Home of the Annual Oklahoma State Fair 


This heavy-duty many-seater bench is made from hard pine wood, and is Benchmaster designed and stained. 

Benches are assembled with screws and wood glue for long lasting use. Solid, strong, and sturdy.

Dimensions:  34 inches wide x 6 feet long x 20 inches high

Ships in the US only--excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

Note: the same stain is used every time but the various wood pieces absorb the stain differently. Some pieces will appear lighter and some darker. The beauty of the wood shows through for the unique visual.

benches stained all look slightly different


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