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8 Wonderful Wooden Personal Gifts to Give

wooden gift giving ideas
Check out these wonderful wood products that make great gifts. They are warm and personal, to those that have everything, or for a 5th year wedding anniversary.

Exhibitor Interview- Garden Anywhere Box

Garden Anywhere Box -technology
The Garden Anywhere Box is a fantastic solution that the Pierce's came up with to enable anyone to be able to grow plants and vegies. We delve into their experiences exhibiting in trade shows to help you make your exhibiting plans and be successful.

Trade Show Exhibitor Interview-Manda Mudd Part 2 of 2

Manda Mudd interview-Part 2 of 2
Join us as we listen to the answers Kristen Amanda gives us in regards to her experience as a Trade Show Exhibitor. Share in her great story of the launch of her business Manda Mudd. Learn from those that have gone before us!

Wood Passion Decorating

warm pallet wall warms cement furniture
Are you passionate about wood uses in your life and home? I know we are here at Benchmaster WoodworX. We love to live in and around wood for its natural beauty and health reasons. Check out this blog for great decorating tips and pictures for you to implement in your home.

Trade Show Exhibitor Interview-Manda Mudd

Manda Mudd Painting Texture Technique
Interview with Kristen Amanda founder and owner of Manda Mudd. Get information on a great product while discovering exhibiting success and pitfalls from someone who knows! This is Part 1 of 2.

8 Reasons That Will Convince You To Use Wood Products For All Your Needs

wood makes the best product and furniture
Why does wood make great furniture? One of the reasons...The vast range of colors and tones of wood, and the differences between the grains and textures of different species and cuts, means that plenty of variety is available for style and look. 

Trade Show Exhibitor Interview-Quality Buildings

Quality Buildings shed
  1. Expectations?
    1) expect long hours and mostly on your feet
    2) expect to do well
    3) customers will read the body language you present so put your best side first

She Shed

she shed in the backyard garden

A she-shed is your crafting corner. It’s your quiet place to curl up with your latest book. It’s a gardening spot. The beauty of a she-shed is it can be whatever you make it. The whole point is that you remove yourself from the chaos of your house and possibly the people around you and have a quiet space all to yourself.

Pain Point Exhibiting

solve your customers' paint point
Exhibiting in a trade show needs to express the fundamental story of your company solving a pain point.

Man Cave

Man Cave Room Refresh

Man caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. It is, loosely, a male-only space to retreat to watch sports or play video games.

5 Extras That Will Have You Standing Out At Your Trade Show Event

photo ops for social media sharing at events
Are you a marketing manager in charge of your trade show schedule? Maybe you are the trade show manager for your company? Do you want to be the most successful you can be in your role? Check off the following 5 extras you can implement in your trade show/event marketing plan and watch your ROI increase! 

Create an Accent Pallet Wall

Pallet Wall

Creating an Accent Pallet Wall - 2 Methods