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Guest Room

Plantation shutters in Guest Room
You’ve always wanted a guest room and now that the kids are off to college or you don’t sew anymore…you can convert. Choose just 3 elements and do it.

Why Trade Shows?

why exhibit at trade shows

Trade shows offer a captive, interested audience of like-minded prospects and current customers providing you an efficient way to get more out of your marketing dollars.

Theater Room

Theater Room
In my part of the country theater rooms are very common--in the “dormer” attic living space, and in areas of the country where basements are common they are typically located there. But I’ve also found them attached to a “man-cave” part of the house. 

Trade Show Games

games at trade shows

By offering unique and entertaining trade show contests and games to attendees, you’ll bring the right kind of energy into your exhibit, while also attracting people who may not have naturally been interested in your company.



Dining Room

Dining Room Home Decor Refresh
As everyone knows, kitchens are the “congregating place” where everyone ends up, whether they intended to or not. People just naturally gravitate to sitting around a table, facing one another especially if food and drink are involved. So! How do you create a Dining Room that could give everyone more room and be a better fit for congregating?

Avoid These 10 Mistakes After Investing In Your Trade Show

avoid these 10 mistakes when exhibiting in a trade show
It is tempting to throw money at your trade show schedule and “get through” the shows. Take them seriously. These are out-of-the-norm-ways to connect with potential customers—whether to win them over or to increase your market share with them.


bathroom refresh beauty
Let’s start with a kids’ bathroom. There are so many fun(!) colors available for kids bathrooms. We’re talking colors that make a kid get up and smile in the morning! 

Planning Your Exhibit Space

Good ways to display product in exhibit
Understanding how to set up your exhibit space “booth” is crucial for succeeding in the fast-paced trade show atmosphere. Trade shows are typically only a few short days in length where you will see 99% new people continuously. You have one shot at catching their attention.


pretty kitchen
Kitchens are tricky in that we view them as so functional and maybe not as “decorative”. I try to incorporate both in mine. This is a room that everyone sees and in my life it is definitely the most important.

Pre-Event Marketing and Promotion

Drawing people to your exhibit
Do you wonder why the event was a success yet you did not see the visitors to your exhibit booth that you thought you would? Here are 17 ideas to help you promote your next event...


bedroom refresh
This is a room I am now so proud of. I never shut the door when guests come over—even though it is right off the living room! I want everyone to see. Plus it adds a warmth to the feel of the house overall.

Trade Shows Overview

Running your company is priority and we want you to be able to do that while still taking full advantage of the sales and marketing efforts you are paying for and taking the time for—events/trade shows. Here is an overview to ensure your bases are covered without having to spend your valuable time researching.