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Living sustainably

What Is Sustainability?

It can feel overwhelming to try to live sustainably. Because of all the elements that go into buying sustainable products, it can be difficult to transition to living a completely sustainable lifestyle. Fortunately, you don’t need to overhaul your entire life to support a sustainable mission. 
Simply make a few small improvements in your home.
plastic bottle pickup

First Steps to Sustainability

If you do want to have a positive impact on the environment but you don’t really know where to start, this blog is for you! Wanting to make a change is the first step to begin your sustainable lifestyle journey.
rustic farmhouse wood decorating ideas

Rustic Charm: Lovely Home Decor Ideas

Looking to bring rustic charm into your interior design? Explore these wood home decor ideas to complement any style.
lead generation management

Trade Show Lead Generation Management

Lead generation and management thereof are two elements that can’t be left to chance. Without a good strategy in place, you risk losing leads, and in the long term, losing sales.
wood furniture and decor

5 Benefits of Wood Home Decor

Have you considered a decor upgrade for the new decade? Consider investing in wooden furniture and decor pieces for a stylish, environmentally friendly interior.
wood products better than plastic

5 Reasons Why Wood Products are Better Than Plastic

Doing our part for the environment is important, along with caring for our own individual health. Gradually switching from using plastic products in your everyday living to wood products is a great first step.
Good ways to display product in exhibit

Planning Your Exhibit Space

Understanding how to set up your exhibit space “booth” is crucial for succeeding in the fast-paced trade show atmosphere. Trade shows are typically only a few short days in length where you will see 99% new people continuously. You have one shot at catching their attention.
walnut cutting board

Wooden Cutting Boards - Functional Yet Decorative

Beautiful cutting boards should not only be functional, saving your counter tops and making chopping easy, but they should also be pretty enough for display. Check out these ideas for wood cutting boards.
How to choose the right trade shows for your company

How Do You Choose The Right Trade Shows?

  • Are you launching a new product that you want current and potential customers to know about? 
  • Is this specifically for branding your company as an industry leader? 
  • Do you want your sales team gathering leads and making sales right at the show?
All of these questions are very important when deciding which trade shows to participate and invest in.
Seriously Stylish Space for 2021

Home Decor Trends for a Seriously Stylish Space in 2021

Home decor trends are always changing, so it's important to stay on top of all the latest styles when it comes to the interior design in your abode. 


tips for post pandemic home revamping

Give Your Home a Post-Pandemic Makeover With These Quick Tips

Bring the outside inside
Sprucing up your home doesn't have to mean undertaking major remodeling. Small steps can make a big difference — like adding more potted plants and flowers throughout your house. Research has shown that having greenery around can actually calm anxiety and create a more soothing ambiance

improve your home office setup

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Office Setup

Homes with a home office are currently seen in 9% more homes for sale than last year. If you’re among those stuck at home, day in and day out, making a few tweaks to your home office can improve your productivity and boost morale. Here are five great ways to improve your home office setup.