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She shed garden paradise

She Shed

A she-shed is your crafting corner. It’s your quiet place to curl up with your latest book. It’s a gardening spot. The beauty of a she-shed is it can be whatever you make it. The whole point is that you remove yourself from the chaos of your house and possibly the people around you and have a quiet space all to yourself.

Ranch house

5 Ways To Create Warmth Around Your Home | Interior Design

We're looking at 5 ways that you can use lighting, soft furnishings, and color around your family home to make your large kitchen, dining area, or living room more welcoming.
old fashion wood abacus

Wood Toys. History, Design, and Material Advantages

Discover all you probably knew already--that wood toys, like all wood products, have an inherent, long range value. See pictures of the oldest toys and learn facts about toys you can wow your friends with!
living sustainably

Thought-Provoking Facts About Sustainable Living

Not all of us can win awards for our sustainability efforts. You can, however, make small changes in your life that better the environment around you and create a more sustainable world. One such action you can take is choosing more sustainable home décor and lighting design as you update your home.
wood dice

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Wood gifts are a much better option than plastic this holiday season. With wood, you’re connecting to the earth in a more natural way, respecting your environment, and you can find gifts that are truly unique.
cotton linen bedding

5 Natural Fabrics To Use For Sustainable Interior Design

Discover 5 natural fabrics to use throughout your home. Why sustainable interior design helps to make your home eco-friendly and healthier. Eco-friendly living as it relates to health in home interior design.
ecofriendly remote work space

How To Make Your Remote Work Space Eco-Friendly

Millions of Americans have created a new norm by working from home during 2020. Here are some considerations that can add to a more healthy and “eco-friendly” remote work lifestyle. 
wooden gift giving ideas

8 Wonderful Wooden Personal Gifts to Give

Check out these wonderful wood products that make great gifts. They are warm and personal, to those that have everything, or for a 5th year wedding anniversary.
antique wood chandelier for sustainable design

Top 7 Sustainable Interior Design Tips

People are starting to recognize the importance of eco-friendly living decisions and how their presence impacts the earth. It’s becoming easier than ever to  incorporate more natural elements into your designs.
ideas for living eco-friendly

What Are You Doing For The Environment?

We all have a definition of what eco-friendly or living sustainably means. 
It will depend on who you ask for what kind of explanation you’ll get. In this post we’ll give you simple, common sense ideas to take steps towards that goal.

Trade Show overview

Comprehensive Overview of Exhibiting in Trade Shows

Running your company is priority and we want you to be able to do that while still taking full advantage of the sales and marketing efforts you are paying for and taking the time for—events/trade shows. Here is an overview to ensure your bases are covered without having to spend your valuable time researching.
Brick interior living room

Natural Materials in Interior Design

Natural Materials work best when designing the interior of your home. Read here to learn how to incorporate brick, wood, stone and even metal into your decor.