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Home Office Room Refresh

Home Office

Whether your home office is a designated space for running a business, the occasional telecommute, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing your schedule, creating a comfortable well-lit office will make you happier while you’re in it.
front porch room refresh

Front Porch

A front porch should be your easiest room refresh yet. Go with simple. Just a chair, a light and a plant and you’ll have a great seating area outside you can enjoy for many months of the year.
grand baby room refresh

Grand Baby’s Room

Congratulations! You have a little one on the way….what will it take to refresh a room in your house for when that little one visits? Choose just 3 elements...
Recreation room creation

Rec Room

Your kids are growing into teenagers or they’ve moved away from home and you would like a sophisticated play room for you and your friends. We’ll talk today about your options and narrow it down to just 3 elements needed to refresh into a rec room.
Landscaped Patio

Landscaped Patio

It's important to create a space with flowers, plants, a seating area and lighting where the view keeps you happy. Create a landscaped patio using just 3 elements.
Refresh a room in your home-the GUEST room

Guest Room

Is the guest room like this because we've never had guests or...have we never had guests because the guest room is like this??
Create a Theater Room in your house

Theater Room

Theater rooms are becoming very common--in the “dormer” attic living space, and in areas of the country where basements are common they are typically located there. 
Blog Post-Room Refresh-Dining Room

Dining Room

As everyone knows, kitchens are the “congregating place” where everyone ends up, whether they intended to or not. People just naturally gravitate to sitting around a table, facing one another especially if food and drink are involved. So! How do you create a Dining Room that could give everyone more room and be a better fit for congregating?
Room refreshing-your bathroom


A Bathroom refresh can be simple with all the color and print options available. Simply switching out your bathroom rug set or the shower curtain can make all the difference. Read on for inspiration and ideas.
hire the right "shoe" in your company

Hire The Right People

As with purchasing the right shoes for the right outfit, hiring the right people for your business or event is crucial. Get the right "shoe" in place and your business/event will run well.
Kitchen Room Refresh Blog Burst


The Kitchen is a room that everyone sees and is definitely the most important. With a beautiful living room right off the kitchen 20 people would rather hang out in the kitchen than comfy living room furniture


Make your bedroom a room you are proud of. Never again feel you have to shut the door when guests come over.