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Our Story


wood benches on main aisle

Have you ever had to come up with a solution and fell into that Eureka moment? Some (most) things happen in life, as we were reminded, when out of necessity we needed a bunch of benches to decorate a main aisle of a trade show we were managing and wanted to decorate it tastefully yet functionally. The Benchmaster came up with the design and fast forward 3 years he is still building benches for event and venue managers.

the benchmaster cooking

The Benchmaster is a carpenter, turned Project Manager for a commercial construction company, trained from years of working with his father who taught him well. He would much rather have started a restaurant as he loves to cook and is a fantastic chef!


We then added wood and pallet products because:  every product #thebenchmaster saw he said I can build that. Yes! Please do. That lead to us wanting to offer other functional wood products as well. And....2. once family got wind of the fun we're having they offered up their own wood creations. #everyoneinontheaction.

The Benchmaster's parents (who knew?!) are creative and perfectionists also. 
Apple Tree ~ Apple.
Being newly retired, they have put their skills into action and are enjoying creating pallet wood signs. We LOVE selling them! Click here:  BARBLAR Products.

Uncle Mike got into the action and is offering up his specialty--Birch Animals! He's been creating these for years in the same perfectionist manner that runs in the family. Now that he is retired he is selling them. (Limited quantities so check in advance).
We are all having fun with it. (Check in with our blog for upcoming interviews with these contributors). 

So to sum up, one thing lead to another...and by first helping ourselves...then helping others looking for similar solutions...and then adding other items of the wood variety...we now have several wood products to offer fellow wood lovers.

Wood products for decoration and function..... Enjoy!

The various contributors, seen below, are actually pretty talented as they create wood and pallet-related items, decorative and functional. We will list those products here occasionally--you'll want to keep up with them as they'll be limited and pretty fantastic! (Yes, we're biased). 

fam pic bransonbenchmaster contributorsuncle mike is the birch animal masterman pad contributorsbenchmaster contributors

 When we're not busy building benches...

Our brand-we are lake people

...we are headed out. Lake Living is our passion-you can see our travels on our Pinterest and Instagram pages. Creating these products fulfills our creative side and gives us spending money for the traveling we do so well.

We would love to hear your comments on our blog-feel free to leave ideas for wood or pallet projects, other uses for the benches and of course-how these solutions worked for you! is the benchmaking master himself. Perfectionist? Yes. Hardworking and strong making each one himself? Yep. Proud of how many butts, and how large, can fit on one bench? You betcha.