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Long handled wood spoons
Long handled wood spoon with grip close up
Long handled wood spoon with lighter grip
light spoon with light grip
light wooden spoon with dark grip
dark spoon with dark grip
wood stir spoon in short mug
oak stir spoon with mug
walnut stir spoon in deep mug
walnut stir spoon with deep mug
mugs and stir spoons

Long Handled Wooden Spoon

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  • 7.9 inch, long handled wooden spoons in pretty wood grains with end of handle hand grip.
  • A little longer than an average stir spoon
  • good for stirring hot beverages: coffee, tea, cocoa and ice tea!
  • use with french press
  • The no-slip grip allows you to keep hold of in steam
  • each spoon is unique

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