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Wooden Deer Watches

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 For you hunting partners out there.
Watches for hunters-whether you hunt or support the one who does.

Every watch is handcrafted with natural dried wood. Various types of materials including teak, ebony, maple and even bamboo, are all used during the creation process.

These trees are hand selected to ensure the exceptional quality.

Ecofriendly choices are not only lightweight, but unique and classic.

Choose for gifts, everyday wear, and especially during hunting season!

  • Silent Quartz movement
  • Safe folding Clasp 
  • Auto Date
  • Adjustable band length

 Women's watch measures:

  • dial diameter = 1.5 inches
  • band length = up to 8.3 inches and adjustable
  • band width = .7 inch

 Men's watch measures:

  • dial diameter = 1.7 inches
  • band length = up to 8.7 inches and adjustable
  • band width = .9 inch

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