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Struttin' your Stuff. Wood Jewelry to Level Up Your Style Game.

With the turn of a decade, it’s high time to change it up in the fashion department. A new year, after all, calls for a new wardrobe. There’s no better time to shop and experiment. 

That being said, you don’t have to buy racks of new clothes and pairs of shoes in order to level up your style game. Adding a few elements like accessories and jewelry is a quick way to ease yourself into a new aesthetic. 

Trends nowadays tend to lean towards a more natural look. Adding wood accessories and jewelry to your outfit rotation is a surefire way to look hip and fashionable. 

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Wood Jewelry Can Spruce Up A Boring Outfit

 wood earrings

(Source: Pexels)

Even the most fashionable people have off days when it comes to their outfits. There are days when comfort takes precedence over style. Nevertheless, having a lazy Tuesday doesn’t mean that you forgo looking stylish and put together. 

Topping off your outfit with wood jewelry is a good way to make a statement without too much effort. A plain turtleneck with trousers looks infinitely more fashionable if you wear it with our vintage wood earrings.

 red t neck with wood earring


Likewise, donning a pair of sunglasses like our Wood Temple ones here can take your plain dress from basic to casual chic. 

 wood temple sunglasses-with case


Accessories Made from Wood are Friendlier to the Environment

 natural wood bracelet

(Source: Pixabay)

Accessories made from plastic have been popular in the last few years because they are affordable and durable. However, plastic consumption around the globe has been consistently under attack. It takes a millennia for this material to degrade. Needless to say, plastic pollution is a real problem and it is high time to look for alternatives.

At Benchmaster WoodworX we strive to maintain and promote sustainability. 

Accessories made from wood, especially those created from recycled wood, are a sustainable substitute to plastic jewelry. They’re just as durable, affordable, and fashionable. The difference is... choosing to wear wooden accessories, like wood necklaces, is better for the environment.  

Style Meets Function: Wood Watches

 wood watches are very popular

(Source: Flickr) 

Wearing wooden accessories doesn’t mean you tote jewelry around that has no function. Wood watches combine style and function seamlessly. A unique wood watch on your wrist catches attention and is able to make a simple outfit fashionable.

Looking to don your very own wooden watch? Our Hi Tech Wood Watch combines the modern with a classic aesthetic. Beautiful and functional! Who says you have to choose one over the other?



 hi tech wood watches

hi tech watch is stylish AND functional


Wood Watches can be stylish AND functional. They can be uni-sex or very masculine.

masculine wood watch


Looking Stylish Has Never Been this Affordable

 Jason Mamoa wearing wood necklace

(Source: Flickr)

There is no denying that jewelry made from gold or silver decked with precious stones makes great accent pieces. However, just a tiny pair of 18k gold hoops can cost as much as your monthly electric bill. While they are beautiful, they are expensive. Gold and silver does have its place in your wardrobe, but also consider wood jewelry for everyday use with its affordability.

You don’t have to spend so much to look good. Even celebrities like Aquaman himself Jason Momoa, wears wooden bead jewelry! (And check out his wooden sunglasses!) 

If you are looking to emulate the King of the Seven Seas, our Resin Wood Pendant Necklaces are similar enough to give you that same vibe. Trendy and stylish – will be how your look describes you.

 girls wearing resin wood necklaces


Taking Care of Your Wood Accessories

 use wax or oil to maintain wood jewelry

(Source: Pexels) 

As we all know, wood is durable. However, it doesn’t mean that it will last forever if not taken care of. Preserving and sustaining your wooden accessories ensures that they stand the test of time. 

In order to retain their quality, it is best to store your wood earrings, necklaces, or rings in air-tight containers far from moisture and dust. Likewise, try using a microfiber cloth to clean the surface. You can also wax or oil your items to keep them from becoming brittle or dry, and to bring up the shine. 

Any time is a good time to spruce up your closet. Wooden jewelry is the solution to updating your wardrobe without breaking the bank. It's affordable, durable, and most importantly, fashionable. It's time to level up your style game. Strut your stuff in Benchmaster Woodworx’ finest wearable wood pieces.




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