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Thought-Provoking Facts About Sustainable Living

Seventy-seven percent of people are interested in learning how to lead a more sustainable life, according to a survey by Southern Cross University. People are more interested in finding companies that meet their values, which in many cases means paying more attention to the environment and the human impact on the earth. This new focus on sustainability has people taking a closer look at how companies source their materials as well as the eco-friendliness of their products. In fact, a 2019 survey by Hotwire found 47 percent of internet users reported they had switched to a different product or service after finding out a company violated their values.

sustainable building

While the call for greener living might be gaining traction now, some celebrities have been leading the charge on eco-friendly living for years now. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio established a foundation in 1998 which builds climate resiliency and protects threatened ecosystems. He’s not the only one, either. Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States, actually founded The Climate Reality Project in 2005. Famous actors and politicians aren’t the only ones advocating for eco-friendly lifestyles.

Kids, in particular, are leading the charge on this hot topic. Greta Thunberg has made headlines numerous times for her climate change advocacy as well as her call to live more sustainably, and she’s only 17. Already at such a young age, she’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize twice! She’s so dedicated to eco-friendly living that she even sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to bring awareness to carbon emissions and sustainability.  

Of course, not all of us can win awards for our sustainability efforts. You can, however, make small changes in your life that better the environment around you and create a more sustainable world. One such action you can take is choosing more sustainable home décor and lighting design as you update your home. When you shop, make sure you’re choosing items made from natural materials like wood, rock, linen and silk, that will not harm the environment. You should also make sure you’re selecting lighting elements that use LED bulbs so your home uses less energy and is more efficient. 

Wood light fixtures are a great option for your home, especially if you’re trying to be more eco-friendly. Wood is a natural material, durable, and seems to have a positive effect on the emotional state of people. Environments with wooden structures cause a drop in blood pressure and pulse, and have a calming effect.

An added bonus of wood lighting features is that they’re all completely unique. Different grains of wood are used for each piece so every element is a little different in shade and texture. If you want something different in your home, then wood lighting fixtures are the way to go. Below are a few of our favorite eco-friendly lighting fixtures.


Wood chandelier

Who said chandeliers have to be composed of fancy crystals? A wooden chandelier is just as eye-catching and can still be flashy. You want a piece that’s beautiful and one-of-a-kind that fits the warm, inviting atmosphere you’ve created in your space. With a wooden chandelier, you can add a stunning feature statement to your room.

 wood deer rack chandelier

If you love the unique look of rustic features, then check out a distressed wood chandelier. The worn appearance gives this chandelier a well-loved look and will enhance the atmosphere of any room.

If rustic isn’t your style, there are also modern wood fixtures you can look for like the honeycomb chandelier.

honeycomb chandelier

This piece would not only look great over the dining table, but also give the light you need for those big family dinners. It’s a great choice to complement any modern or minimalist design you may have in your home.  

Wood pendant lights

Pendant lights always look great above the kitchen island, but don’t forget to consider how pendant lights would brighten up other areas of your home. Hang a wood pendant light over your reading nook or above your office desk. Choose one that fits the space and feeling you’re trying to create. Wooden surfaces make a room feel warmer and cozier and they also have a calming effect.

 star pendant wood light

For instance, star pendant wood lights would be perfect for your kid’s playroom. This whimsical fixture will add to the playfulness and creativity of the space.

In the office, on the other hand, you can go with a more sleek, professional look with something like a simple wood-cased pendant light. This fixture will give your space a warm glow with a lower watt bulb, and would also create focus on your work with a 100 watt bulb.

wood case pendant light


Wood drop lighting

Sustainable wood lighting can be found for any space in your home. Look around your house and consider where you could use a natural accent piece that helps illuminate the area. Do you need a unique chandelier above the entryway? An oak barrel light in the den or manpad? A beautiful option that could work nearly anywhere in your home is something like the Nordic wood light. A lovely fixture like this will subtly illuminate any space with its wood and light combination. 

The lighting elements that you use in your home make a big difference in the look and feel of your space. Demonstrate that eco-friendly design can be beautiful and unique by having new wood lighting elements added to your home. For more eco-friendly lighting fixtures, check out our Chandeliers & Droplights collection where you’ll find unique wood chandeliers, pendant lights, drop lights, and more!

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