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Simple Steps For Eco-friendly Living

We only have one Earth.
Contributing to help reduce the environmental problems we are facing is no longer a choice, but a duty. So, we’ve gathered some simple steps so that you can start changing your lifestyle today.

Use Less Water

A straightforward way to help the planet and your wallet is to cut back on water consumption. Water usage has increased five times since the 1950s, leading to concerns of shortages if the trend continues.


There are several ways to reduce household water consumption. If the seal in your toilet tanks is not functioning properly, you could be losing up to 100 gallons of water per day in waste!


Washing machines use approximately 30 gallons of water per load. Ensuring that you only wash full loads of laundry can further reduce water waste.


Turning off the sink when shaving and brushing your teeth sounds basic, but it can save two to three gallons of water per day. Every little bit counts!

Eat Less Meat

Eating meat as frequently as a typical American household does is collectively damaging to the environment. Not only does raising meat of all types (but especially red) take more resources, but it creates huge amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


For many people, switching to a diet without meat isn’t feasible. However, eliminating meat from just one meal each week can make a difference. We are all about taking just one step each.

If this is the step you can take-do it! Reducing how much meat we eat can reduce the total amount of GHG released.


Switch from Plastic

Plastic is one of the most harmful materials to the environment, and the increased global production of this material has had a significant impact on our carbon footprint. Over two billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent are currently in the atmosphere due to plastic production.

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If this production of plastic isn’t bad enough, plastic further harms the environment during disposal. Plastic has a much longer decomposition time than most other materials, taking over 450 years to completely break down in a landfill.


Using paper bags at the grocery store and other alternatives can cut down on CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and prevent landfills from filling as quickly.

Use Goods Produced With Renewable Resources

Using goods made with renewable resources is another way to help us live in an eco friendly way. Another One Step we can choose to take is switching to environmentally friendly home decor.


Recent sustainable product trends have emphasized increasing the use of wood and glass in home decor. This emphasis is because wood is an excellent renewable resource -- unlike the crude oil needed to produce plastic. It’s easy to replant trees to accommodate what is cut down. Additionally, glass is an environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic because it is fully recyclable.

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When debating green décor ideas, consider items made for long-term use. Heavy wood furniture-handing down to family through generations and hand-made products created with sustainable materials.


There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to eco friendly home decor products. Once you decide to take your first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle by choosing to decorate in this fashion, you can really find some good ideas and options for your entire household.


Eco-friendly home goods come in all shapes and sizes. From LED lightbulbs set in master-crafted wooden lamps to eco friendly decorative pillows, anything that you might want to add to your home can be made from environmentally friendly materials.

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Benchmaster Woodworx endeavors to be a nature-friendly home décor brand and is committed to providing affordable, environmentally-friendly home décor. Take a look at some of the eco-friendly décor ideas on our website for sustainable home essentials.


Choose lighting, wall clocks, kitchen items and even real wood phone covers in your journey towards helping the environment for the generations coming.

Ecofriendly Living Is a Process

Living a completely eco-friendly life doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why our mission is to help all of us by taking first steps that can help contribute to a change for the better! 

If you're looking for more information on simple steps for YOU to take, making an effort to live more sustainably, visit our blog for more informational articles. We'll also take you shopping, for ways to easily switch out your current decor & kitchen gadgets for those more ecofriendly.

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