Modern Rustic Design trends and ideas

Modern Rustic Style: 7 Ideas to Get the Look

Modern rustic style combines the cozy comforts of rustic design with the clean minimalism of modern design.
When a modern house is paired with rustic touches, there's this phenomenon that takes the edge off the starkness of the modern style. 

If you’re interested in revamping your current decor without undertaking an entire remodel, these 7 modern rustic elements & decor ideas will help bring your dream home to fruition! 

1.  Windows

Glass is prevalent in modern design, so it works well in a modern-rustic style to emphasize your large windows with soft, gauzy drapes. Not only does this let in natural light, but it also marries the two styles with minimal effort. 

2.  Flooring

Flooring is one of the most eye-catching elements in any home and can accentuate modern rustic designs. 

Homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to flooring. Distressed hardwood is the most popular look for rustic decor lovers. 

Either refinishing and distressing your existing hardwood floors, or you can opt to tear out carpeting and bring in easily snap-in slatted or real wood. 

If you currently have a type of flooring that can’t be distressed and want to add a rustic feel, decor options like wood-look floor runners are a simple and inexpensive option. 

classic floor runner

3.  Neutral Color Palettes

Consider also a farmhouse-chic style for various rooms in your home to coincide.

Farmhouse-chic is a wonderful balance of design styles that creates a rustic, relaxed, yet contemporary atmosphere. It's much warmer and more comforting than minimalism. But not as old-timey as a pure country or a rustic style might be.
Both modern and rustic color palettes focus on soft neutral tones, rather than bolder hues.

Essentially, modern-rustic decor is moving towards authentic items (real distressed furniture instead of faux), adding in antiques or modern pieces for balance and depth, and putting a personalized spin on the look so that it isn't overdone.

4. Paint Additives

White-wash and weathered paint additives also help create a rustic feel on natural woods. Many people go this route as it’s more cost-effective to personalize their wood choices. 

Using whitewash finishing methods or crackle additives can create the illusion of age. 

5.  Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace already, there are many ways to age your existing one. 

Consider repainting the stone with whitewash paints. If that doesn’t fit your style consider hanging a large wood block mantle piece that acts as a natural shelf. Keep the number of knick-knacks to a minimum, and opt for a large art piece that serves as the focal point. 

canvas art as focal point

If a mantle isn’t practical or won’t fit, consider purchasing an electric fireplace and adorning the wall behind it with faux, diy wood accents in the form of contact paper

faux wood floor or wall accent

Unlike the luxe elements of other interior designs, rustic decor style is simply unpretentious. A rustic vibe will not rely on ornate centerpieces. Instead, rustic interior styling may include throw pillows, cowhide rugs, and wood walls or side tables. The main element of designing a rustic home is to create a space that is warm, inviting, and as natural as possible.

 faux log throw pillows

6.  Exposed Elements

Exposing the natural woods and metals in a home is another excellent way to show off modern rustic elements. Rustic interior design emphasizes organic materials and natural elements. 

Stripping down the floor to natural wood then refinishing, allowing for exposed beams in walls and ceilings, and showcasing vintage-looking pipes and metals all emphasize the more organic elements of home design. 

7.  Lighting

One of the fastest and easiest ways to change the feel of any space is with a light fixture. It’s a guaranteed way to change the vibe in any room without a lot of expense or time.

What are the latest lighting trends?
Maximalist lighting is in, and over-sized and highly decorative pendant lights and chandeliers continued to be a big trend in 2022.

wood bead chandelier

While ornate chandeliers with lots of arms are set to be a lighting trend that endures, look towards bold round designs in chandeliers and drop-lights as the next big thing in lighting styles.

 wood stick loft light

Some drop-lights like these log cabin character-filled ones consist of hanging bulbs that are height adjustable.
Love that country look but want to keep it feeling fresh with a modern twist? Take inspiration from our modern farmhouse lighting ideas.
Lighting features add to the ambiance in any room. 

Modern Farmhouse – similar to modern-rustic, is also a look we love.

For many of us torn between styles, the modern farmhouse look is a sure thing. See the best farmhouse lighting and furnishings available at

 You don’t have to break your budget to achieve the modern rustic home design you want, just choose a few of these options to get started!


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