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How to Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding

Rustic-style weddings are a trend that has been steadily growing all around the world thanks to their effortless country style and the fact that a beautiful wedding can be created on a limited budget. While many couples still choose to drop mid-five figures on their weddings a rustic-style wedding can be achieved for a fraction of the cost, and look just as good.

dinner table at a barn wedding

Rustic weddings are all about using natural textures and colors in your aesthetic; choose your favorite shades of wood, neutral colors like whites and browns, hints of green from natural sources, and soft accent colors like light rose pink and soft gold. Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration. 

Here are 3 ideas to help you create the perfect rustic wedding. 

Create Your Rustic Wedding: Use Wooden Benches

Wooden benches are incredibly versatile and perfect for rustic weddings, whether you’re renting a barn or borrowing space from a family member, hiring an event tent, or keeping everything outside on a hot summer’s day. You can use the same benches as pews as you walk up the aisle later to place around your tables, as seating for a relaxed buffet or barbeque, and as seating for those who aren’t ready to hit (or are taking a break from) the dance floor.

wood benches-seating for outdoor wedding

You can keep your benches clean and simple, paint them white, or wrap some fake flowers around the legs and edges of the bench – they’re extremely versatile both in their use and in their look. After your wedding, offer the benches to your family members to put in their yards or sell them on to another couple for their wedding.

You can see our handmade benches by clicking here.  

Create Your Rustic Wedding: Use Wooden Signage

It’s not a rustic wedding without the use of pretty wooden signage – use it to show guests where to park, where to be and when, funny signage at the bar, and any other message you need to share with them. This welcome picket fence  is perfect and we’ve got plenty of other great options, too. 

Welcome picket fence pallet sign

Another option is to use a simple pallet or wooden background and use pushpins to attach photos and information to it. If you want to do something more fun and creative than a guestbook, provide flashcards, pens, and pins and ask your guests to leave their best wishes for you on a card pinned to a sign you can keep forever.

This patriotic flag and this colorful abstract piece  are both perfect.

 Old Glory Pallet Wood Flag

color images pallet wood sign

Create Your Rustic Wedding: Be Creative with Your Use of Light

No rustic wedding is complete without a creative use of light. The best rustic weddings use string lights, industrial-style lighting, and candles to create romantic soft lighting that lean into the rustic feel.

Barn wedding with woman

Be creative – use lanterns, string lights across the barn ceiling or put lights in jars. If you want to step things up a level we have some great options, like this Lighted Wood Star Lamp, these Star Pendant Wood Lights , and these incredible Barrel Lights

Lighted Star Lamps   whiskey barrel lights  wood star lights

When you combine these three great rustic wedding ideas together, you’ll have the recipe for a beautifully themed wedding, no matter your budget. Looking for more great ways to include natural textures into your home? Read our article Wood Décor Pieces for Every Part of Your Home  or find out how to kit out your Man Cave (or She-Shed in the backyard!) step-by-step.

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