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Finding Balance When Your Home is Your Office

Guest Post Author:  Seth Murphy

With more people working from home every day, the line between personal and work life becomes more blurred, and it’s getting harder to find time–and space–for your personal pursuits. But taking a break from work and enjoying some leisure time is necessary in order to recharge and stay at the top of your game. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you keep working and relaxing even when your office is at home: 

Expand Your Home Office 

If your house is big enough, use a dedicated room such as a spare bedroom and turn it into your designated office space. If you need more space for your equipment or to receive clients, you can also convert your basement or attic into an office suite. When you’re done working for the day, all you have to do is close the door and tend to your personal life until the next morning. 

Divide Your Space 

If you have to work in a corner of your den or living room, create a natural barrier between your personal space and your workspace by adding greenery such as snake plants and peace lilies placed on a shelving unit. They will bring an outdoor feel to your home and reduce the amount of carbon in the air, purifying your house to boot. You can also opt for room dividers or low bookshelves that won’t block any natural light. 

Opt for Organic 

When choosing office furniture, decor, and supplies, try to choose natural or organic materials such as wood, bamboo, bark, and natural fiber. These materials will add warmth and comfort to any room, and they also bring some of the natural world indoors. Pair them with a few potted plants to transform your home office into a stress-free work area. 

Create a Cozy Spot 

A comfy, oversized chair complete with cozy pillows and blankets is ideal to cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea. Add a small coffee table next to it and get started on a creative activity such as crocheting, knitting, coloring, or solving puzzles. Use this cozy spot when you take breaks during your workday instead of staying at your desk-- for a nice change of pace. 

Step Outside 

A brisk walk around the block in the middle of the day can do wonders for your mind and body if a project is stressing you out or when you start losing focus at work. A few minutes in the fresh air and a little exercise can improve your mood and recharge your batteries, so you can get back to being productive when you return to your home office. 

Find a Hobby 

Even if you love your job, take time to explore hobbies and activities you might enjoy. Hobbies give us the opportunity to learn new skills and step up to new challenges, they are great stress relievers and they can also help us be more social as we join groups or clubs dedicated to our favorite pastime. 

Institute a Device-Free Zone 

In order to get a good night's sleep, leave your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and other electronic gadgets out of the bedroom, and turn it into a relaxing sanctuary instead. Paint your bedroom in calming tones, add some soft lighting, pick comfortable bedding, set the thermostat to the right temperature, and use the space to read or meditate before bedtime. 

Finding the perfect work-life balance can get challenging when you work where you live. Establish clear boundaries between your office and your home, add enjoyable activities to your day, and you might just get that perfect balance after all. 

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