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Everyday Choices For Sustainability

Being sustainable can be a challenge in modern society, but there are plenty of options for those who want to take first steps for the environment. Not only can you purchase more wooden and eco-friendly items, but you can also move toward items that have a lesser impact on the environment during production.

Sustainable choices help balance the needs of a consumer without jeopardizing the future of the planet, the atmosphere, and the environment. Making sustainable choices can be simple when you are more aware of home decor options that limit waste, use natural materials, and eliminate items that ultimately end up in a landfill.

 sustainable home items

Choose Sustainable Home Decor

Choosing sustainable home decor is a simple and easy way to take first steps on this sustainable journey—in a fun way. Not only trendy, modern chic, and enjoyable but also limit how much energy, power, and greenhouse gases your home produces. There are dozens of ways to achieve a more sustainable home, and one of the best ways is by choosing more eco-friendly lighting options, decorative items, and eco-friendly kitchen utensils.wood wrapped soy candlesYou may also want to replace harmful, chemical-laden candles with all-natural and environmentally friendly varieties.

Sustainable Lighting

There are several sustainable lighting options. Whether you want a wood-grain aesthetic for a modern farmhouse or rustic vibe or other products that are hand-made, there is a sustainable option. Some of the best sustainable options include the following:


  • Wood Pendant Lights
  • Wooden Light Fixtures
  • Wooden Chandeliers
  • Hanging Lights


These fixtures are made of wood and are perfect for kitchen lighting, entry chandelier lights, modern-chic lighting in a bedroom, or pendant lighting in your living room. Modern chandeliers and rustic ceiling lights are a trend that has become increasingly more popular in home renovation and development. 

Wood hanging light fixtures are popular in contemporary home development.


Eco Friendly Decorative Items

Anything from an ecofriendly wall clock, seasonal HOME decoration to your favorite wooden pet figurines can be a perfect addition to your home decor. As long as the items are created with eco-friendly materials, your decor will be helpful for the environment.

Ecofriendly Home Decor

Eco friendly decor can include chemical-free pillows and pillow covers for throws, canvas paintings, and even retro coffee bean grinders in the kitchen. If a piece of home decor uses chemicals and plastic rather than wood and stainless steel, it is not eco-friendly. Consider checking all the labels on your home decor options to ensure sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly Candles

Many candles are created with harsh chemicals that can be carcinogenic. Choose all-natural candles made of beeswax or natural soy to make the best choice for the environment. 

There Are Many Sustainable Home Decor Options

There are plenty of options you can choose to make your home a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable space. For example, there are dozens of lighting fixtures, kitchen items, and home decor choices you can make that will not punish the environment for your needs.


There are plenty of homemade, all-natural alternatives and kitchen accessories to help you foster a more environmentally conscious home. Whether you are looking to limit materials that ends up in a landfill or you are trying to embrace a better carbon footprint, there are home decor items that will appeal to you.


If you're looking for more information on simple steps for YOU to take, making an effort to live more sustainably, visit our blog for more informational articles. We'll also take you shopping, for ways to easily switch out your current decor & kitchen gadgets for those more ecofriendly.

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