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7 Ethical & Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

If you are concerned about climate change, there are several things you can do to help stave it off. The impact of plastics on the environment can be detrimental to the world’s future. If you want to do your part, using ethical and eco-friendly home decor is a good start. 

Being eco-conscious, it’s best to invest in ethical home furnishings & decor that offers a minimal carbon footprint for your home. Here are seven ethical & eco-friendly home decor & remodeling ideas you can try for your home. 

Buy Sustainable Furniture

Consider adding furniture that offers lower carbon emissions during manufacturing. 

Finding sustainable furniture is a big challenge; some stores carry high-quality, durable, and sustainable products that adhere to the strictest environmental standards. They manufacture their home furniture eco-consciously with beautiful reasonably sourced lumber.

Find a local carpenter to commission handmade custom furniture which is generally more sustainable.

You can google local carpenters to learn who can create bed frames, kitchen table & chairs, or a living room set to your liking. You’ll be able to choose the type of wood that appeals most to you: cedar, walnut, pine or other.

The solidness of these pieces then become something to hand down through the generations and will also become the focal point of your living space. 

Add Wood And Vintage Clocks

Try adding wood and vintage clocks to your home decor to not only reduce the use of plastic-based items, but utilize unique and well-made items that will last longer.

There are countless ways to show off your love of wall art, from wall sconces to painted canvases.

painted canvas

Eco-inspired artwork and accents are becoming trendy. Indulge your inner artist by adding nature into your house.

Wood diffusers and accent decor offer beautiful designs, luxurious patterns, and gorgeous textures, while also benefiting you with a healthier atmosphere in your home.


Add More Greenery

If you have the space, you can add more greenery to your home and naturally brighten it up. Plants are an essential aspect of any home; they make your home healthier and aesthetically pleasing. The colors and textures of the plants in your home add to your overall decor.

 plant stands

 Plants create a relaxing and calming environment and are also a mood booster. Adding plants to your home makes you feel happier and brings in a fresh breath of air. Choose a plant that matches the climate with just the right amount of care.

 plant stand

Add Eco-Friendly Lighting

Natural lighting is of course better than artificial light. Old World style lights not only look beautiful but reduce the amount of carbon emission in the atmosphere. LED bulbs emit less heat and also last longer.   

Think of lighting as a way to decorate your home—not just light it. From wooden chandeliers to night lamps, lights can add to the beauty of any room. Using modern and traditional lighting fixtures, you can showcase your creativity. These lights come in an array of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes, and choose ones that use low energy.


nordic lighting

Use Sustainable Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is where you spend plenty of time, so it’s essential to be conscious of how much of a difference you can make here. Reducing the amount of plastic in your kitchen is essential. Start by switching out your plastic utensils for wood handled ones. Wooden cutting boards can also be used as decoration when hanging them between use.


From chopping boards to rolling pin stands, many cute things in the kitchen are made from wood. These offer a rustic feel for your kitchen while reducing plastics and other petroleum products. 

Sustainable Roofing And Flooring

The roof and the floor are a major part of any home improvement project. Most homeowners choose foam or rubber roofing, which doesn’t degrade quickly. If you decide to go with a flat roof, make sure that you pick a sustainable material. There are options for flat-roof insulation made from recycled content.  

When it comes to flooring, most options are made of plastic. You can opt for tile or wooden flooring to cut down on your impact. It not only looks sophisticated but increases the resale value of your property. Ceramic tiles are durable and require very little maintenance.  

Consider Handmade Items From Festivals You Attend

Some people have talent! When you find their unique designs, and they immediately appeal to you, grab it and use it in your home ensuring you have your very own unique style personified to you.

handmade art & decor

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re building a new home or updating your existing one, there are many ways you can include environmentally friendly products in the best way possible. Following these simple home ideas can quickly transform your ordinary home design into something extraordinary. 


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