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Oil diffuser light woodgrain
oil diffuser dark wood with 7 led light color choices
oil diffuser instructions
Aroma diffuser and humidifyer
oil diffuser dark wood grain
oil diffuser uses dark wood grain

Essential Oil Diffuser

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For those interested in a holistic healthy lifestyle an aromatherapy oil diffuser is a must! No more burning candles, plug-in fresheners or sprays...set your diffuser to spray as often as you would like. Start with a continuous mist. Or choose timer for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.  

The following easy instructions come with your package.
LED light changes automatically until you press a 2nd time. Choose the LED color you like. Press a 3rd time to select dim or bright. So many choices! Personalize it while humidifying your house and creating a relaxing atmosphere with the oil you choose.

Don't forget to purchase oils.