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wood cased lights
wood case light-inner workings
wood case light-hanging teardrop
wood case light hanging teardrop-on
wood cased lights-2 shapes
wood cased lights on wood chips-lit up
wood cased lighting-steel base
wood cased lighting-pkg includes
wood cased light-round shape
wood cased light-teardrop shape

Wood Cased Pendant Lights

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Hanging lights encased in a wood shell choose either tear drop shaped or round. Adds the warmth of wood to your home decor. Consider hanging over your kitchen island for a unique look.

From base, where it attaches to the ceiling, to the bottom of the light measures 71 inches. 
The round light measures 3.8 inches long and 4.2 inches at its widest point.
The tear drop light measures 5.5 inches long and 3.9 inches wide.

Please allow up to 20 days to process your order and be delivered.