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split log clock
showing thickness of clock
close up of split log clock showing hands
split log clock hanging
split log clock hanging-side view
split log clock-resting on mantel
side view snippet of wall clock

Split Log Clock

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A unique clock that looks like it was formed from a just-split tree. Almost as if we cut a log in half and inserted the time telling mechanism.
Made of bamboo and treated for longevity.

Silent quartz movement.

12 inch diameter, runs on 1-AA battery (not included).

Free shipping, 17-26 days delivery.

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Girard Bolton
Faux wood Clock

"A unique clock that looks like it was FORMED from a just-split tree. We cut a log in half and inserted the time telling mechanism." If you miss the word "FORMED" it sounds like it it a real log, plus the name of the company. It's not wood but a fabricated material to look like wood. From a distance its fine looking (I guess). Also, the name of the company is Benchmaster again indicating someone making a clock out of wood. But I think the marketing should say FAUX for false. Also, it took about 10 days past the longest timeline to get the clock.

We're so sorry that you're not completely happy with your clock.
It is actually made of wood but you're right-it is 'faux' tree log and not a real one.
#thebenchmaster does create some products and others we source from those that are better at making them than we are.
Again, we apologize for the late delivery-we were hoping to send you the clock from a closer warehouse for sustainability reasons, but were out of stock so had to send from another one.
If you want to return it, please email us at the following and we will help you out.
Thanks for taking the time for your feedback--we do take it to heart and make changes as necessary.