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Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This Aromatherapy Diffuser brings the therapeutic benefits of essential oils into your home. Crafted with a wood grain finish, it adds an elegant touch to any room. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with this reliable and efficient diffuser.

If you’re searching for the perfect way to improve the air in your home while adding décor, look no further than this Wooden Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser. With its wood grain exterior and soft LED lighting, the Wooden Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser will seamlessly complement any décor style in your home or office.

At just 6 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide it can fit in a variety of spaces. 550ml capacity with remote control for simplicity in using. 

Diffusing beautiful and calming aromas with a cool mist, this device uses an ultrasonic wave that naturally improves air quality all while remaining silent. The healing fragrances and negative ions released into your home will instantly create a relaxing environment to help you relieve stress.

This Wooden Aromatherapy Diffuser takes air in from its environment and releases it back into the room to help purify the air you breathe.

Choose dark or light wood grain.

The unit includes automatic shut off upon water shortage. See the full instructions in your package.
Don't forget to purchase oils and if you want to choose which oils have the benefits you need, view this aromatherapy chart.

FREE shipping expect your new diffuser 14-21 days.

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Customer Reviews

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These Diffuser's are amazing! Great for adding a little humidity to your entire home! I bought one just to try and now I have one for every room in the house! We love all the choices of scents available as well. A must have!!