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Trade Show Exhibitor Interview-Quality Buildings

Interview with Ray Taylor of Quality Buildings

Today we’re going to interview someone who has been in his industry for many years and has capitalized on exhibiting in trade shows for just as long. Ray Taylor has been selling and managing in the outbuilding industry and we’ll ask him some important questions and we’ll reveal his best and worst exhibiting experiences. He’ll also share best practices and give you advice and tips when it comes to YOU and if and how you should approach exhibiting in trade shows.

Let’s get started…

First, a little about the company he’s with now. Quality Buildings is the top outdoor building manufacturer in Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. They sell custom portable building solutions for all of your storage, greenhouse, metal building, carport, garage, swing set AND even chicken coop needs!

Locally owned and operated Quality Buildings stands behind their products with warranties and outstanding customer support.

out building from Quality Buildings

Here are 8 solid reasons why you should buy your outbuilding from QB:

  1. They offer the guaranteed best value and payment options 
  2. Exceptional customer service 
  3. No credit check 
  4. No deposit on storage buildings 
  5. Great prices 
  6. Unique options 
  7. Industry leading warranties 
  8. Free delivery and set up of storage buildings

use for a greenhouse 

Here are the questions we asked Ray:

Q:  When did you first exhibit in a Trade Show?
Answer:  2006

Q:  Approximately how many Trade Shows have you exhibited in?
Answer:  apprx 30

Q:  Please give 3 examples of how exhibiting in a Trade Show helped you or your business?
1) actual sales at the show
2) branding
3) data collection on potential customers to work with during the year

Q:  Please share 3 negative experiences that made you either re-think wanting to exhibit or challenged you to find a solution to enable you/your company to continue exhibiting in Trade Shows?

chicken coop

1) the trade show company fired the director of the show although she is one of the most awesome women to be found on this planet or any other planet and always put on a GREAT SHOW !
(This happens often in this industry but can be frustrating after developing relationships with trade show directors as they will want you, as a customer, to excel in exhibiting so that your company sells, grows, and becomes the best it can be. When one leaves? Everyone is sad).  
2) other vendors being loud or obnoxious
3) the long hours working the show if you’re the only staff member

dog house

Q:  What advice (or tips) would you give to business owners on the following?
1. Booth set up?

1) Put everything you NEED in your booth but don’t “overstuff”
2) Keep your booth as open as possible so people want to come in and see the product
3) have enough staff prepared for the show but not more than you need at one time

2. Signage?
1) we use clearly defined signs for the product without too much info. We want them to ask questions of us

2) always use professional signage, no hand drawn or homemade signs

3) don’t try to tell the product's life history on the sign, again make them ask questions

dog house and play house

3. Choosing location for your booth?

1) always be in the main building at any show

2) choose the right size space

3) I personally don’t like to be near the doors, I feel like the people want to begin exploring the whole show and don’t want to stop at the first place they see

4. Expectations?
1) expect long hours and mostly on your feet
2) expect to do well
3) customers will read the body language you present so put your best side first

5. Materials to bring, how much/many?
1) examples of your main product without overwhelming the booth
2) brochures are great, bring as many as will fit the booth comfortably
3) don’t have the boxes of brochures sitting out, and leave boxes in the truck so you don’t run out
4) don’t eat or have personal items out in the booth

6. How do you approach customers?
1) be friendly without being overbearing
2) it’s not a circus, don’t be a barker
3) I use the same approach at the show as I do at my store

7. Specials and offer at a Trade Show?
2) if your special is something that you can profit from even after the show and during the year, offer a voucher that they can only get at the show for a later purchase

We asked Ray for his best advice?
Answer: You can only learn it by living it.

Ray do you want to give a shout out to anyone special?

This is a quaint and personal outdoor venue for all special occasions: Weddings, Quinceaneras, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Barmitzvahs and much more. (Check out their special pricing while it lasts!)
Located in Newcastle, OK. Visit their website Cedar Trails.


Please enjoy the following information from Quality Buildings:

Have you taken a stroll around your neighborhood? During your drive, you may have noticed a house or two with a large shed in the backyard. But, guess what. It probably wasn’t a shed.

In fact, it could’ve been a workshop — a studio, maybe even a tiny home. In this day and age, outdoor portable buildings can serve a variety of needs. Whether it’s storing away tools for the winter or using the extra space for homeschooling, the only limitation is your imagination.

So, what all can a portable building be used for? Our team here at Quality Buildings has listed a few of many ways you can get the most out of your space.

  1. Art Studio

If you’re a painter, sculptor, designer or crafter, a studio is exactly what you need. You can absorb some inspiration as you work in a space that’s all your own.

  1. Garage

Need a home for your motorcycle or Vespa? A portable building is a great way to keep your vehicles out of the elements while saving square footage in the actual garage.

  1. Tiny Home

Looking to downsize? A tiny home is definitely the way to do it. And with insulation, electricity and roof options, it’s easy to personalize it to your specific needs.

  1. Laundry Room

We don’t know about you, but sometimes the laundry can really heat up the home. If you’re looking to distribute some of the warmth or for a place to hang-dry clothes, an outdoor laundry space could be the perfect solution.

  1. Repair Shop

Do you like to work on your bike? A portable building can quickly transform into your own personal repair shop. You can also use it to repair and stow away items like lawn mowers, weed eaters, and other lawn care equipment.

  1. Homeschooling

If you home school, it can be difficult getting your kids to focus. A portable building is great to use as extra space. Plus, you can proudly display any art or homework without the worry of taking it down the next day.

  1. Music Studio

Are you a breakout musician? Or, have a garage band you simply like kicking it with? Free up some space in the house and take it outside in a portable building. Bonus points if you install insulation to help soundproof. Your neighbors will thank you.


  1. Workshop

Do have a Ron Swanson of your own? Gift them the dream woodworking and they’ll be able to enjoy steak and the smell of lumber in peace.

  1. Home Gym

Do you have a health-based resolution this year? Transform a portable building into a yoga studio or personal gym. It’s a great way get fit and ditch the gym.

  1. Playhouse

Do your kids have an imagination all their own? Give them a space to play and learn. A portable building is a perfect outdoor playhouse or fort.


Thank you to Ray Taylor and Quality Buildings for this information. If you have any questions for Ray please feel free to post below in the comments section and we’ll get his answers posted as quickly as possible.

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