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Man Cave

Published May 2021
Updated February 2022

What is a Man Cave?

A man cave or manspace, and less commonly a manland or mantuary is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.

The term man cave is a metaphor describing a room which could also be outside the house such as a shed or tool room where men are supposed to be able to do as they please, without fear of upsetting any female sensibilities about house decor or design.

Man caves have multiple purposes: they are a place to be alone, to indulge in hobbies, and to hang out with male friends. It is, loosely, a male-only space to retreat to watch sports, listen to loud music or play video games.

The design trend is for men to take traditionally male-only spaces, and enhance them with improvements and masculine aesthetic choices. Man caves can be equipped with accessories such as putting greens, kegerators, giant TVs, musical instruments including gear such as microphone stands and amplifiers, pool tables, boxing rings, and entertainment centers (aka big screen tv’s). 

Do you have a stall of a garage you can refresh into a man cave?

mancave in the garage

How about a section of the basement—especially if it is a walkout.

Or better yet a shed on your property…. Find the space you can give up to this good cause.

First let’s start with furniture.

While it seems the most basic of steps, having quality furniture to suit your space is vital to your comfort level. You’ll want to be lounging on a soft and homey sectional couch, preferably made of (p)leather or an old, soft family castaway that fits all your buddies and is shaped to the curvature of the room-facing the big screen tv to watch your favorite teams. There are many way-cool chairs out there to choose from.

cool chair for man cave

Include a hammock somewhere in your man cave for comfortable napping. Or to get away from the noise and light how about a beer barrel nap space?

hammock for man cave napping


beer barrel nap space in the man cave

Once places to sit are covered, get creative and invest in items like a pool table, or ping pong table, for any idle time during commercials or when you want some quick fun in the off-season. Lastly, you’ll want to have a large enough table in your cave to hold various dips and drinks, allowing ease of access to refueling while you’re hanging out.

basement mancave

Don’t forget the fridge! Beer is generally a staple for football, but don’t leave out wine coolers, and liquor -- you’d be surprised how many friends might choose a gin and tonic over a typical football beer. Having a fridge in your man cave, whether mini or full-sized, will prevent any food during the game from spoiling.

keg seating in mancave

Snacks and food can be kept within your man cave without the hassle of bringing things room to room to be stored. You could even go as far as installing a kitchenette with a microwave or pizazz. That way you can combine your love for pizza and hockey and never leave the comfort of your man cave!

unlimited bacon in the man cave

Remember to have things like koozies, coasters, napkins, and plasticware available as you don’t want to be hauling dishes to the kitchen or having to do them in the man cave if you have a sink!

I know it’s a man cave but most men by now know the importance of hydrating—especially when drinking alcoholic beverages. Make sure you include water dispensers. And if you insist…other liquid dispensers…

liquid dispensers for the man cave

We know not everyone is a gourmet chef like #thebenchmaster, but you can create some delicious dishes according to your skill level. Tacos, pizza, stuffed peppers or just stick to chips and dips to make it simple. This is YOUR man cave—you can use it to get away from the pressures of life and all the talk talk talk or you can invite your best buds over and enjoy your favorite sports together.

Next let’s talk about your man cave lighting.

We’ve seen some pretty unique ways to light up a man cave! If your man cave is in the basement or garage or really anywhere, you might need lights other than the lights of the tv.

Check out this track lighting using beer cans:

 beer can track lighting for the man cave

And here is a new twist on keg lights

keg lighting in man cave

The most fun you’ll have is finding things to hang on the walls.

Google diy cool elements for a man cave and you’ll have fun looking and shopping. Other than animal mounts that is.

animal mounts in man cave

Signs declaring your property as the man cave,

beer light mancave sign

wall art with fun sayings, foosball coat hangers or curved wrenches for coat hanging.

foosball coat hanger for the man cave

coat hanger for the man cave

Here is a Man Cave sign you can order from #thebenchmaster.

man cave sign sold by the benchmaster

Once you’ve found your space to make your own, have fun with it!

Add to it as you go along. Make it comfortable. Make it yours. Invite guests only if you want to. And no wives or girlfriends allowed. Ok ok, you’ll get lonely and want them to visit but make sure they know it is by invite only.

If you have a way-cool sign or man cave accoutrement please share below.

And as always sign up to ensure you’re receiving all notices from #thebenchmaster. 

mancave privacy sign

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