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Thank you for joining us in this series on Home Decorating. 
Our hope is that these short blog bursts will enable & inspire you to refresh a room in your home.

This week we're tackling the

In this series we're looking at how to add or take away just a couple of items to freshen up one room in your home for a quick and easy Home Decor update.
Last week we did a refresh on the living room. It’s the first place everyone wants to refresh which makes sense because it is the room most people hang out in.

This week let’s make it even simpler in case you felt last week was too intense or too much work.   smiley

Your Home’s Entryway!

When you walk into your home what is the first thing people notice? If you have forgotten due to having been there for awhile and you stopped noticing….well notice now! Step out, walk back in and look at it through fresh eyes. 

home entryway

Ok… now what do you see? What things do you like? Not like? Need to get rid of?
Start there. Get rid of everything you don't want in the entryway any longer. Even if it is a pile of shoes. We can add it back in later in a better way. (hint: entryway mudroom bench).

Think about what makes an entry feel like home. Rugs? Art? Personalized art or deco? Entry table? Mirrors? Hanging lights? It will also depend on how large your entry is and the shape of entryway.

So… you’ve taken away the clutter. Now you’re looking at a bare entry.

Do you have room for a piece of furniture? And if so, what? A mud-room style bench with hooks for coats?

mud room bench with hooks for entry


A thick solid wood shelf for storage?

floating tuff wood shelves for entry


the benchmaster's entryway bench



You can go big (above) or something simple like this, that gives you a place to sit when tying shoes.





Our next suggestion would be to give it some color—either with a piece of fun art on the wall or a rug! Or both!

Click here to check out these cute wall hangings.

A clock is a nice touch also-with many colors to accent your entry:

roman wood clock

A cute chandelier here would give the entry a quaint, homey and even warm elegant feel. Think small though as you don’t want it to feel like a barrier to people entering your home.

small entry chandelier

An entry table for keys and decoration...a rug-that accents that white or dark door.

rug to accent white door

Or a rug that accents the wall color.

rug accenting wall color

A rug is that key element that leads a pathway into your home and gives it that welcoming feel.

rug in entry creating home pathway

And….there is always PAINT. We're only suggesting paint on this refresh because to paint the entryway shouldn’t take more than an hour. Painting is more on the major Home Decorating list and not on our short and quick room refresh. But it’s up to YOU!

Even if you update just one room every 6 months it will feel new and create excitement being home. If every time you avoid looking at that one point in your home or cringe when you do look? It’s time to do something about it.

Get it done in this quick, short and fun way! Just think 2-3 items. And Go For It!

Have fun and please let us know below in the comments section something you did that made it great in your home. We would love to learn from you!

Check out these bonus chandelier pictures...

elegant chandelier for entryway

 larger entry chandelier

If you have a large enough entryway this is a beautiful chandelier I guarantee will add an elegant feel for those who walk through your door.

Give us your suggestions! Items that make your home look home-y-er, add charm, light, color, etc. We'd love to hear what you did! 

Share in the comments below. And don't forget to sign up to make sure you're receiving all the room refresh ideas.


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1 comment

Oh My, did this one hit Home for me!!!
I immediately walked in the door and noticed all the clutter that gathers on my stairway waiting to be taken upstairs! Ugh!
Then once I cleared it all away,
I was reminded to appreciate what a beautiful old 1920’s staircase I have and how much I love changing my art on the wall to capture the season.
Thanks for the reminder, loved the post! 🌸

Kristen Amanda

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