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This week we're tackling the


Last week we did a refresh on the entryway because we wanted to give you an opportunity to create the impression that your whole house was redecorated. The entryway is the first everyone sees when entering so it's a great way to give your home a new vibe.

This week we'll make it just as simple. smiley The easier it is…the more likely you are to accomplish it!

The Bedroom!

Have you been avoiding your bedroom? Cringing when looking that direction? Well now is the time to change that!

Our first order of business is to SHOP. Once you begin looking at bedroom sets: comforters, sheets and pillows you will get an idea of what color scheme you would like to go with.

Also, the designers at that very favorite shop of yours make it easy for you. Most sets are professionally designed and displayed so if you are the kind of person that sees something and wants it--this is perfect for you. You could also change out a couple of things those designers set with something you like more if you want to get more creative.

bedding find-colors

One of our readers found this simple set and then improvised with larger and different colored pillows.

artwork on wall in bedroom

Above you can see their choice of wall hangings complemented the basic and more neutral colors on the bed.

After you've decided on colors and bed accoutrements, your next choices should be in wall hangings and art. Be creative. Who says everything has to "match"?!
Are you looking for a splash of color? Something more neutral and subdued? Great news-it's YOUR choice!

Remember by sticking to just 3 items to switch out, this makes your room refresh easy and do-able rather than something too big and intimidating. Bed sets, art and wall hangings then what? Lighting? Rugs? A chair? End tables? Choose items that are easy and complementary to your lifestyle.

Check out this small chair that adds character (and a bit of complementary color) that provides a space to sit and read or put shoes on.

turquoise chair in bedroom

Rugs are a great choice depending on mobility factors (if you have plush carpet?) or hard wood floors to warm up the room or just personal preference. You choose!

chair near closet




Notice how the lighting, the chair and the pallet sign complement each other.

You can purchase this paddle sign here.
These pallet signs are custom made in Minnesota by an artist.








Create a room you are proud of. You'll never have to shut the door when guests come over—even though it is right off the living room! You will want everyone to see. Plus it adds a warmth to the feel of the house overall. It truly is a subconscious thing. A “back of the mind” feeling you get when you’re happy with a space in your home.

See how this doesn't have to be a large remodel? And not a clip out of Home & Garden mag? Simple and easy to do for your everyday living.

Is your bedroom needing a refresh? If so, what are 3 things YOU can do to make it a room that pops?

Bedding and pillows?  Rug? Chair? Chaise lounge (for those that have larger bedrooms), chandelier? Pendant drop light? A note here: pendant drop lights come in various colors. Sometimes hanging one in the corner of your bedroom adds romantic lighting plus provides a splash of color to your color scheme or just gives it that added accent.

Walk into your bedroom right now—the one that has been bugging you. You know it’s not perfect. More of an eyesore. It’s the one you keep telling yourself “I’ll get to that one day”. Now is the day.

Take a piece of paper and pen and ask yourself “what color am I thinking?” Write some options down. If one doesn’t come to mind-that’s OKAY. This gives you a reason to “shop”. Shop various department stores, the ones that reflect your budget and style. Wander through the various areas for furniture and bedding and see what strikes your fancy.  smiley Remember-this is not a makeover or remodel. Those are big words for big projects. This is about quick, easy and fun. Just refresh!

You don’t have to do this in one day. Take your time and enjoy the looking. Keep asking yourself as you shop-what 3 things? This will keep your eye searching for things that go together. This helps. As you look at each item try to picture that color or that item in your space. If it doesn’t ‘jive’ move on. Keep doing this until you have your a-ha moment.
Then…purchase your items and have fun!

Don’t forget all the resources you have at your disposal: google it! And if you don’t have a Pinterest account, why not? If you are a visual person you will love this platform. There’s nothing wrong with copying the exact bedroom you found on Pinterest. There is an option to post something you found on Pinterest and actually did— you post it as something you tried. That pinner will be pleased that you tried their pin.

Here is an example of a bedroom refresh from changing out just the bedding and pillows! Pretty!

pretty bedding

See how the splash of color brings the other neutral elements in this bedroom to life? 

So what does your new bedroom look like? Please share below, your story. How did you stumble across your items? What was your mindset as you shopped? Did you know ahead of time exactly what you were going for? Or did you have to look and look? We would love to hear from you!

One reader shared this....

reader shared bedroom refresh

It's the perfect example of a refresh. Add the wall art, the throw pillows and bedspread and the whole bedroom comes to life!
Great job!

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