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Wooden Cutting Board - Decorative Yet Functional

We’ve all either used or seen wooden cutting boards, if not in our own kitchen then someone else’s. Often, they remain tucked away, stored out of view until it’s time to do some slicing and dicing. 

Though they are a tool and should be used as a kitchen tool, they don’t have to look like one, nor do they need to be treated as one. Why not get yourself a wooden cutting board that you’d be proud to display? 

walnut cutting board from Benchmaster WoodworX

There are several different ways that one could turn their cutting board into an art piece, or at the least a decorative addition to their kitchen.This article will cover a variety of different ways to show you how to turn a cutting board into something fit for the wall, rather than taking up space in your cabinet.  

Freehand Painting your Wooden Cutting Board

If you’ve got the talent, flaunt it! Choose a surface to display (particularly a surface you’d not use for cutting), and paint a pattern or picture that you’d excel at. Maybe even give it a shot of clear coat, so that you won’t have to worry about it getting wet after being used on the cutting side. 


If you’re confident in your wood burning abilities, this is a great option. After selecting a pattern and burning it onto your cutting board, hang it up in your kitchen to be displayed to your family & company. 

burned cutting boardmaybe not like this...


If you’re not too comfortable with freehand, a stencil works wonders to compensate. Tape down your stencil and go to town. Depending on what you use as media for the pattern, you’ll want to put a clear coat over the stenciled surface after the paint dries. You won’t want all of that work to be washed off. 

cutting and stenciling your cutting board


Engraving into a cutting board will produce a beautiful design that will complement any kitchen. When done correctly, wood engraving is a great way to personalize and stylize a cutting board.

 engraved cutting board

Stick with your Home’s Theme

When trying to decide what type of pattern to use, or picture to paint, take some stock into what you’ve already got going on in your home. Does your home have a current theme running throughout? Do you tend to enjoy a more rustic look to your home’s decorations? Or do you like more contemporary art and decorative pieces throughout your home? 

Selecting your Cutting Board

Maybe your existing board is already all beaten up on both sides? Perfect! There’s your test piece! Older boards prove great for practice. If you’re going to create a decorative piece from a cutting board, it’s a good idea to practice on the old, and pick up a new one to do the final design.

 old cutting board

A new cutting board will be free of flaws and gives you the opportunity to select one side for cutting, and the other for the decoration, right from the get-go.

Like this Pizza pie board on our website:

pizza board


The black walnut wood chopping board, shown above, would be the perfect choice to use for brighter and more colorful designs. Perhaps for painted or stenciled ideas.

If the background stain is darker than your design would allow for, try out our chop-block board. Being a lighter stain, this would be great for engraving & wood burning but is still tinted enough to make the colors pop.

 chop block board-from Benchmaster WoodworX

We’ve also got a bread and cheese board that can be used for the darker designs, due to its lack of tint in the finish.

 bread n cheese board

Be creative, have fun, and hang it on the wall for your friends to see. Maybe, they’ll want you to personalize one for them?

cutting board gift

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