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Wine Not- 4 Benefits to Drinking Wine

Wine has been around for centuries. Even before whiskey, tequila, or any of the most beloved cocktails, wine has been the centerpiece of social gatherings and celebrations for hundreds of years. And for good reason. 

Drinking this fruity, alcoholic beverage comes with a lot of benefits. Unlike most alcoholic drinks, wine is generally considered healthy. Moreover, wine can be the main driver for an interesting and thought-provoking conversation. 

The benefits of wine are boundless. Below are just a few, top-of-mind: 

Wine is Good for the Heart

 wine tasting-glasses

                                                (Source: Unsplash) 

Alcohol consumption has a bad reputation because it is linked to the development of several diseases. However, in moderation, wine is good for the body. According to several studies, wine, particularly red wine, contains antioxidants that prevent coronary disease. 

A particular substance called resveratrol, which can be found in grape products is known to prevent damage to blood vessels. It is also linked to the production of HDL, otherwise known as the “good cholesterol,” and prevention of blood clot formation. 

To reap the full health benefits of wine, it is ideal to drink in moderation. For healthy adults, one drink of 12 ounces per day should suffice. The type of wine that contains the most amount of antioxidants is the pinot noir. Now you know what to automatically include in your shopping! 

Wine is Good for Setting a Mood

 wine can set the mood

                                                          (Source: Unsplash) 

Whether it's the color or its viscosity, wine has always been associated with love and romance. The association, in fact, might have a scientific explanation. Research shows that the body releases Oxytocin when in the throes of romantic desire. The same hormone is released when a person drinks wine. 

Planning a romantic dinner for two? Set the mood and go all out with this I Heart Wine wine rack. Nothing says “I love you” better than a well-thought-out date and a glass of pinot noir. 

Wine is Good for Building Bonds

 drinking wine with friends

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Have you ever had to talk to a person or a group of people you barely know? It is stressful and nerve-wracking, right? You never know how they would respond to what you have to say. Thankfully, there is always wine for liquid courage. 

Wine can loosen people up. It lowers anxiety and it makes people more open to addressing a crowd. Moreover, wine encourages extrovert behavior. People are more likely to be receptive to stories and, in turn, share their own. 

Nervous about speaking to strangers? And maybe a little clumsy to handle a stemmed wine glass? We've got you covered. Our Wine Tumbler can put you at ease by eliminating the risk of breaking anything. 

Wine is Good for Taking Celebrations to the Next Level

 wine toasting among friends

                                                                         (Source: Unsplash)

More than the preparation, the social aspect of throwing a party is tedious and stressful. You simply don’t know if your guests will mesh well together..that is until you serve wine. 

Wine makes social situations a lot easier. Because this drink relaxes people, they are often more open to starting conversations with guests that they do not necessarily know. A party is better when everyone has a wine glass in their hand. 

Serving a big group? Don’t fret, it's easier with a Wooden Wine Carrier. Six glasses but only two hands? No problem! 

With all the benefits that come with wine, it's difficult to imagine why it shouldn’t be part of your daily and social regimen. Wine is healthy, wine reduces anxiety, and wine makes for fun parties. So, wine not?

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