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Top 4 Reasons Why Wood Jewelry Is Trending

Published April 2020
Updated September 2021

Wearing wood jewelry is not only a way to show off your unique style, but wooden jewelry is trending.
Here's why you should choose wood jewelry.

Humans have been decorating themselves with bits of something pretty for thousands of years. Your jewelry should be a unique expression of you.

Break out of the box and try something that might not have occurred to you before: wood jewelry! If you've never worn it, you're missing out. Virtually all types of jewelry can be made out of wood, from bold dangling earrings to wooden diamond rings. There's quite a range and you'll be sure to find something that you can express yourself with.

Check out the following benefits of wearing wood jewelry. 

Chic Look

Wood is a versatile material that creates fashionable jewelry looks you can pair with many outfits and styles. The natural feel is perfect for fun, summery ensembles and the warm tones pair nicely with autumn colors and styles. As a neutral color, it can even work well with winter whites.

Wood jewelry can come in a variety of shades, both natural tones from different types of wood grains as well as with stains that change up the colors a bit. Enjoy the deep red hues of mahogany or the lighter honey tones of walnut. 

Natural wood pairs well with opaque gems like mother of pearl, agate, and turquoise. Dress up a Bohemian-style dress with this type of jewelry for a fresh, boho look! 

bohemian bracelet

That's not to say that wood doesn't work well with sparkle. A wood ring with diamonds is a stunning element to add to your cocktail party outfit.

Geometric wooden shapes give an almost tribal feel to your jewelry and pairs well with bold colors or even animal prints.

geometric earrings

For something less bold that will work with nearly any outfit, choose a walnut watch, adding both style and function to your ensemble.

His n Her walnut watches


Wood can also be carved into many intriguing designs, giving your jewelry a unique look that cannot be attained with other materials. No wonder wooden jewelry even makes the cut among celebrity jewelry trends. 


Being environmentally-friendly is definitely on-trend and shouldn't be going out of style anytime soon. Even top jewelry designers are taking note and responsible fashion was a big focus of the Summer 2021 season.

Take a look at the runway photos and you'll see plenty of examples of stunning jewelry pieces made from natural materials — including wood. As a naturally renewable source, wood is a great material for creating sustainable fashion. 

Good for Sensitive Skin

As a natural material, wood is great for sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic and won't cause irritation as some types of metal will do for people with sensitive skin.  Pairing wood with Tungsten, which is also popular for those with sensitive skin, is the perfect solution.

wood and tungsten ring for those with sensitive skin



Wood jewelry can be extremely lightweight, so it is also more comfortable to wear, especially when wearing large, dangling earrings.

As a bonus, wood sunglasses won't burn your skin when you put them on after leaving them in the sun or a hot car for a while.  

wood sunglasses

Join the Wood Jewelry Trend

Wood jewelry?

If you've never worn it before, we invite you to take this small step towards helping the environment--and you! We invite you to browse our wearable wood collection to get a feel for how handsome and classy wood jewelry can be. You won't be sorry!


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