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Love the Country Look But Want a Fresh Feel? Consider Modern Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Some homeowners prefer the vintage farmhouse look but still want to incorporate modern aesthetics. 

Modern farmhouse lighting is an easy way to add a rustic touch to your living space without compromising clean simplicity.

Height-Adjustable Pendants for a Dramatic Impact

Combine the classic farmhouse-style pendant light with a sleek, modern design to bring soft warmth to any room in your home.

The Pendant Wood Drop Light combines the industrial look of concrete with natural wood grain. These individual hanging bulbs can be height adjusted, creating a visually stunning, stimulating space.

colorful pendant modernistic lights

Use 3 or 4 and hang strategically at varying heights over your kitchen island to create an imaginative look. 

Go Bold with Linear Lights

Choose one bold piece to light up your kitchen seating area or a few smaller pieces with attractive colors or wood grains to contrast and create an exciting vibe. Not only does this spread the light across the entire space, but it also adds visual interest to the room.

 geometric kitchen island lighting

When searching for modern farmhouse lighting, choose shapely silhouettes with sharp lines and clean angles, or round direct lights that will highlight a reading corner, then bring a touch of rustic chic decor with glass or antique metals.

Minimalist Accent Lighting

Most homeowners choose to add country farmhouse lighting to kitchens and dining rooms, but many hallways and bedrooms can benefit from the minimalist accent lighting.

 wood cased pendant lights

Smaller, warm and unique options are more suitable for hallways and tighter spaces. This includes minimalist chandeliers of all shapes and sizes.

 starburst wood lighting

Adding wood accent lighting to black iron, galvanized steel, or antique brass décor is an excellent option for softening into a modern rustic decor space and can add a vintage charm to any room.

Shabby-Chic Chandeliers

The key is to combine the striking contrast of modernistic metal décor with the warmth of wood, as it’s the blending of these elements that accounts for the successful mood-altering atmosphere you’re looking for.

 wood & metal globe light

Bring in a bold accent piece to dress up your home office, den, or dining room, then keep everything else nice and simple to let your modern-rustic devotion shine.

 accent chandelier

Sometimes chandeliers can look more like modern art than a light fixture, so utilize that in your favorite space for an innovative, inspired feel.

 oak barrel lighting

Oak Barrel Lighting is another appealing option if you and your family are more modern-industrial design lovers. The natural wood look of the barrel with the industrial metal fittings emphasizes both sides of the modern country design aesthetic.

Let Wood Pieces Breathe New Life into Your Home

Nothing says country more than natural, rustic wood grains. Whether that’s a deep walnut, character-filled cherry wood or distressed oak

 Victorian distressed entryway chandelier

You can add to your home's warm and welcoming feeling with just a lamp or hanging light in any area. Hang a distressed wood chandelier in your entry to create that first impression of classy-cozy for anyone who enters. 

Edison and Tungsten Bulbs Enhance the Color Palette

Once you've chosen the perfect lighting fixture for your home, you can equip each with bulbs that match the modern farmhouse creative. 

Edison and Tungsten bulbs add stunning depth to neutral walls in rooms that get a lot of natural light. The slight hint of yellow will transform a stark white space into a cozy cabin getaway. 

For those spaces without natural lighting, a brighter white light may open up the room better, and then still try yellow accent lights for the evening. 

When looking into the latest lighting trends, maximalist lighting is in. Over-sized and highly decorative pendant lights and chandeliers continued to be a big trend in 2022. While ornate chandeliers with lots of arms are set to be a lighting trend that endures, look towards bold round designs as the next big thing in lighting styles

When turning your home into the perfect modern farmhouse aesthetic, the only limit is your taste. Play with light, color, and textiles until you achieve the look you've been dreaming of.

antler chandelier


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