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Enough about me. We're getting started bloggingย and want you to focus on the benches and on whatever you would like me to custom build for you. Wood products are most durable, sustainable, eco-friendly, and make the most unique items as each piece of wood is different and unique. #lovewoodproducts

Send me your drawings, pictures of your friend's item that YOU want, or a description of what you need to make your life easier and I'll get started on it.

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One customer wrote:

Whenever severe weather would bring tornados to our area causing us to seek shelter in our tornado shelter we would have to act in an instant. You may have to spend 5 minutes or 5 hours in your shelter depending on the severity of the weather. We had Benchmaster WoodworX build a custom bench that fit our shelter perfectly. This way we werenโ€™t standing the whole time waiting for the tornadic storm to pass. Best thing we have done to make our lives easier during severe weather!!

Daniel, Home Owner Piedmont, OK

Here's a picture of their storm shelter bench:

storm shelter bench

...and the storm shelter shelf to hold lantern and radio:

storm shelter shelf

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You can now order these items for yourself…get ahead of the seasonal rush! Makes a great Christmas gift.

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