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Effects of Climate Change – What First Steps Can You Take?

Global warming is showing no signs of stopping. The world is experiencing extreme weather conditions, prolonged droughts, and rising sea levels. All of these events are part of a phenomenon called climate change – one of the biggest catastrophes that the world faces today. With an issue of such magnitude, it can be overwhelming to think of the next step. That leads us to the question: what can you do to prevent climate change? 

What First Steps Can You Take?

Reading all the news about climate change can make you feel helpless. While collective action is important, we can still act on an individual basis. Here are some steps you can take to mitigate climate change. 

Greenify Your Transportation

One way you can help prevent climate change is by using green modes of transportation. With millions of people driving cars to work every day, there are tons of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere.  Instead of using private vehicles, consider riding a bike to work! This is an excellent way to prevent climate change while also making sure you get your daily dose of exercise. Alternatively, you can also make use of public transportation – buses, trains, and trams. Using electric cars is also an acceptable option to reduce your carbon footprint. However, public transportation is still preferable if you can utilize it. 

Educate Others About Climate Change

The importance of educating people about climate change is critical to mitigating it. There are so many platforms you can use – online and offline – to educate others about climate change. A good way to start the conversation is talking about the effects of climate change and what you can do to prevent it. 

Give a shout-out to those companies that promote sustainable practices to your friends on social media. And let them know the shops you frequent with cool ecofriendly products and gifts. Spread the word! 


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Go for a Climate-Friendly Diet

Eating fewer portions of red meat can have a significant environmental impact. Instead, you can go for a plant-based diet that is high in fiber. It’s beneficial not only to the environment, but also your health.

You may opt for fresh produce from local areas to lessen carbon emissions from transportation, refrigeration, and preservation. Reducing your dairy intake is also one way to transition towards a climate-friendly diet – soy milk, almond milk, and dairy-free ice cream are some food that you can consider when changing your diet. 

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Support Eco-Conscious Businesses

An excellent way to help fight climate change is by supporting eco-conscious businesses that promote sustainability and environmental conservation. Your support goes a long way. Whether it’s a shipping company that uses weather routing to optimize their voyages, or a business offering sustainable items like wood lighting, bamboo phone cases, and soy candles – you know that the environment is their priority. 

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Invest in Renewables

If possible, try switching to renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar energy. Installing wind turbines and solar panels in your home is a great step towards using green energy. Although there is an upfront cost, your lower electricity bills will eventually offset the cost over time. Check out kick-backs that your state may offer for utilizing these measures. 

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Investing in renewable energy doesn’t end there, though. In fact, it’s not completely necessary to install turbines or solar panels at home. Switching to renewable energy can be as simple as contacting your local utility company. If you live in a deregulated area, you can switch to an electric company that promises clean energy. All you have to do is your research and make sure that the electric company is reputable. Many people switch electric companies to do their part in combating climate change – and so can you! 

Protect and Conserve Green Spaces

When we’re talking about green spaces, we’re referring to parks, gardens, and forests. These areas help absorb carbon dioxide – thanks to the trees! By protecting these spaces, you can help reduce the risk of flooding especially in low-lying areas. 

What else can you do to protect them? It’s simple – plant trees. Approximately 15 billion trees are cut each year due to deforestation. Each tree you plant counts. You can also check in your community for any tree-planting initiatives, too! And if you have green areas at home, do not replace them with paving. A greener environment leads to a cleaner environment. 

Don't forget to check out the stores you shop with--they may have a sustainable initiative that makes you happy for shopping with them!

Reduce Water Consumption

Be smart when using water. Huge amounts of energy are used to pump and treat water, so saving water can help reduce carbon emissions.  To  use less water, try taking showers instead of baths. Around 20-40 gallons of water are used for a four-minute shower, while baths consume twice as much water. Turning off your faucet while brushing your teeth can also do wonders to reducing water consumption. You can save up to 1500 gallons of water per year! Also, be sure to check your toilet and faucets for any leaks – these also increase your water bill. Indeed, every drop does count. 

Final Word

There are multiple ways to fight climate change, but there is no single method that can fully work. Experts recommend using a combination of all these solutions to give us a fighting chance to combat climate change. 

We cannot worry that our efforts are useless. If each of us takes just one step, the step that makes the most sense for us, we can make a difference.

By doing your part, you can feel good that you’re not ignoring this issue. And if everyone works together, taking just one step, we will start to see results.


A big Thank You to Bash Sarmiento our guest post author. He is an educator and writer, you can follow him here on Instagram 

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