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Creative Ideas for Refreshing, Reviving, and Increasing the Value of Your Home

Guest Post Author: Linda Chase


As our world emerges from the pandemic and commerce returns to normal and supply chains begin to pick up speed, the home projects that were put on hold can now restart.

While you are working on those long-delayed jobs, consider the additional improvements you can make. The enhancements you complete have the potential to significantly boost your home's resale value; look specifically for additions that can be expected to enrich your pocketbook. If you're going to be selling soon, it's worth examining real estate trends and incorporating them into your property.

Here are a few innovative ideas that will have buyers lining up to see your home.


Stage Creatively

Staging is a critical aspect of selling a home that takes a visionary eye. The more aesthetically pleasing your presentation, the more buyers your residence will attract. According to real estate professionals, staging a home increases the value of purchase offers between 1% and 5%. 

Looking at before and after pictures as you enjoy your improvements is personally satisfying. Don't forget to put visual reminders of your redecorating powers into a photo album for future perusal.
Save receipts for purchases related to your home's staging since they might qualify for a tax deduction.
Work in tandem with your real estate agent or a professional home stager to maximize the appeal of your residence. 

Improve Lawns

The first part of any rejuvenated home that visitors see is the yard and landscaping. Because the real estate market is so competitive, it isn't enough to simply have properly cut grass and healthy flowers. Incorporate a dash of pizazz with imaginative topiary.

topiary  updates for a great yard

Add a whimsical touch by turning shrubbery into an unusual sofa. Journey beyond garden gnomes and pink flamingos, and sprinkle your terrace with yard art that tickles the funny bone or creates wonder. Get innovative with walkway shapes and materials to make your entrance truly stand out.

entryway plants

Get Artistic

Psychologically speaking, brighter hues tend to make us feel happier than darker ones. Repaint walls to a lighter color. Cover up obvious cracks and dings with one-of-a-kind artwork.

unique color images pallet art

Most ceilings are a blank canvas; consider transforming yours into a visual showcase. 

Reroof Differently

Roofs often require restoration. Roofing experts will tell you that the average lifespan for asphalt shingles is between 15 and 30 years. On the other end of the spectrum, a slate roof can last up to 75. Whatever material is covering your home, you need a replacement if there's visible cracking, warping, or mold. 

If you have to replace yours anyway, why not do something unique? Green roofing is an eco-friendly option that helps prevent the spread of airborne pollutants even as it increases your house's aesthetic appeal.
Use bamboo for a resilient style of roof that everyone will love. Stone-coated metal can be made to look like asphalt or clay, but unlike asphalt, it lasts for up to 50 years. 

Changes to your home can have a positive impact on the purchase offers it receives. The alterations you make shouldn't be limited to commonplace details such as replacing bathroom fixtures, updating cabinets, or installing fresh windows. Let your imagination soar and watch the value of your residence rise along with it. 

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Thank you Linda-for providing your insight and advice to our readers!

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