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Now You Can Choose the Right Variety of Wood

One of the most unique things about wood is that there are so many varieties! You can choose beautiful wood products to decorate every room in your home. Some types of wood give off a warm, cozy vibe while others create a more sleek and modern look. 

Wood home decor adds an element of sophistication and charm to your home. Also, wood furniture and decor is strong and sturdy, so it will last a lifetime and can even be passed down to the next generation. 

No matter what room in your home you are looking to decorate, there is a perfect type of wood out there to give you the look and feel you want.

Types of Wood to Put in Your Home

There are a lot of different types of wood available for you to choose from when you’re shopping for home decor and products. Here are the three most popular ones that we’ve seen homeowners fall in love with over the years. 

1.  Acacia

The acacia plant is native to North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. It’s more of a shrub than a tree, and it comes in a range of color variations. Acacia wood is extremely resistant, which makes it a popular choice for making furniture and home decor. 

With more than 1,000 varieties of acacia worldwide, the majority of acacia wood imported into the United States originates from two species: Acacia koa, also known as Hawaiian koa, and Acacia blackwood.

Both species are accurately defined as part of the Acacia genus, which also includes shrubs and plants, but are more commonly referred to as simply koa or Australian blackwood. Koa is sought out more often for specialty projects such as figurines, bowls, plaques and carvings.

Because no two acacia plants are alike, every product made with acacia wood is unique. You can see this uniqueness in products like cutting boards, which all have a slightly different variation of color and texture.

 Acacia wood plates
                     Acacia Wood Plates

2.  Oak

A classic wood that’s as versatile as it is stunning, oak can be used to accent any room in your home. You can find oak in red or grey varieties. Most notably, the grains that run through oak wood can bring out unique and decorative designs. Because of this and its durability, oak is often used for creating quality heirloom accessories that are designed to last for generations.

Oak wood has been used as a hardwood timber for thousands of years, yet it takes up to 150 years before the wood from an oak tree can be used for construction. Modern uses for oak wood include housewares, flooring, wine barrels and firewood.

Advantages of Oak:
  • durable, long-lasting wood.
  • attractive wood grain.
  • less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight.
  • good water resistant properties.
  • highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • stains and polishes well.
  • ideal for liming.

You can see how oak can be used to create very different moods by comparing our geometric oak lights and our oak barrel lights.

 oak napkin holder                                                                     Oak Napkin Holder


3.  Cherry

If you’re going for a sophisticated look, then you will want to consider something made from cherry wood. Cherry wood has a rich hue that instantly adds elegance and luxury to any room. It comes from the American Black Cherry fruit tree and is a hardwood. It is famed for its durability and beautiful color and is used for everything from doors and cabinets to accent pieces and fixtures.

cherry wood wine carriage display
Wine Carriage Display

Cherry wood can come in a variety of colors, including yellow, white, red and dark brown. The darker heartwood adds a touch of elegance to its surroundings, while lighter versions are perfect for furniture.

Cherry wood has a smooth, satiny grain that can be enhanced with the application of stain. It steams easily, which makes it ideal for use in curved projects, such as making boats and furniture. 

You can see how adding decor made from cherry wood brings an air of opulence to a room or gathering by viewing our wooden wine carrier.

Use Different Varieties of Wood in Your Home

Though the 2 main descriptors of wood usually revert to hard or soft, there are over 50 types of wood and the trees they come from. We've only covered 3 top choices here, to help you make the majority of your home choices, but there are more to choose from! Use your knowledge of these 3 types of wood to get started, and remember there are many more options out there.

As an architect, designer and professor of design strategy, Guilio Ceppi particularly values wood as a material because of its “incredibly diverse range of types, grain patterns, colors and dimensions.” This diversity, he says, gives architects and designers a wide range of choices for realizing their projects. “For flooring, there are very few other materials that offer a similar wealth of possibilities.” 

Why limit yourself to only adding one variety of wood to your home when there are so many great looking types of wood to choose from? We recommend embracing the unique looks of different types of wood by incorporating furniture and accent pieces made from different varieties of wood throughout your home. Get started decorating all the rooms in your home by shopping our catalog!

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