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5 Ways To Create Warmth Around Your Home | Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, there are some clever ways to transform the look and feel of your home using furniture, colors, and lighting. Creating space and decluttering is an easy way to improve the look of a small property, but what can you do to add a warm and cozy touch to a large space?

Creating Warmth Around Your Home - Interior Design Tricks

Often people can forget that a large room needs just as much care and attention to detail, as a small and cluttered room, and using harsh lamps or small pieces of furniture can actually make a big kitchen look lifeless and dull, a bedroom have minimal style, or a living room feel cold.

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In this article we’re going to take a look at 5 ways that you can use lighting, soft furnishings, and color around your family home to make your large kitchen, dining area, or living room more welcoming. So whether you have a horse ranch in Texas, a second home in the mountains, or you’re living in your family home in a cute neighborhood, get ready to take your space to the next level with natural light, interior design, and statement interior design pieces.

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1.  Maximize Natural Light

There is a reason why architects are focusing on creating natural light in a home more than ever before. Allow daylight to enter your home by installing skylights in your kitchen and incorporating large windows wherever possible. Natural light can help to make a room feel more light & airy. Daylight naturally helps to make us feel more awake and alert, even before you’ve had your morning coffee.


In fact, studies have found that daylight does play a huge role in our overall level of happiness and helps some people become more productive. According to Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic Ohio, the sun works through a number of receptors in the brain to affect our mental status and alertness. Dr. Roizen also said that sunlight helps to decrease the risk of depression.


Now when we think of interior design, natural light can help brighten a large kitchen, flood an entrance, or light up an office space. You can now buy light bulbs that actually imitate natural daylight and you should use them wherever you want to create a light, bright, and productive setting. 


2.  Invest In Wooden Chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers have a wonderful aesthetic and will add not only light to your home but also provide a statement interior design element. Investing in high-quality wooden chandeliers are a must. Adding a rustic and natural design feature to your home, is far better than choosing a metal, gold or silver chandelier, which will often reflect light and give your room a cold look. With a larger room, you want to create warmth and comfort, so choose sustainable materials, solid furniture and wooden light fixtures, such as the beautiful American Vintage Chandelier.

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3.  Use Mirrors To Reflect Light

Mirrors have been used throughout history to reflect light around a room. Just take the magnificent Hall of Mirrors, in the palace of Versailles in France. Using 357 mirrors this incredible room effortlessly bounces natural light around the great hall, illuminating the space and adding instant warmth.

palace of versailles

You too can create warmth in your home by adding mirrors strategically throughout your home. Try placing your mirrors so they are reflecting blues and greens to create a depth that really feels warm. Rather than opt for large mirrors, that typically create space, instead choose smaller designs to reflect light from windows and skylights to darker parts of your home. 

mirrors that reflect light


4.  Use Soft Furnishings 

Soft furnishings are a worthwhile investment in any home and will help accessorize a room and create comfort. From chunky knit blankets to fluffy puffs and scatter cushions, the beauty of soft furnishings is that you can add accent colors to any room, or change the look and feel of your home just by changing your curtains, cushions and throws. When it comes to the bedroom, use a detailed bedspread and body throw pillows to make your bed look plump and irresistibly soft. 

colored pillow choices


5.  Separate Your Room With Color 

Another smart interior design trick to make a larger space look more comfortable and be able to relax in, is to use colors to separate different parts of a room. Accent walls can provide a clear visual separation within the room. To that end, if you want to create a cherished space to read a book or a cozy corner to take a nap, use a warm color scheme to define this part of the room. By choosing warm tones such as gold, burgundy, cream and coffee, you can transform the atmosphere in your home.

 color pops for living room

What color schemes do you currently have in your home that create these warm and feel-good areas? Are there any other spaces you can utilize these tips, to create additional sought after areas where you and the members of your family can find rest and relaxation?


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