Christmas gift guide for wood products

10 Best Christmas Gifts For Wood Lovers

Published November 2019
Updated November 2021

Are you someone who loves personal, warm and natural gifts? Are you someone who loves to give these type of gifts? Especially for family and friends, these gifts mean more and are more greatly appreciated than just any old thing to fulfill a requirement.

This year, as it should be every year, make your gift-giving matter.

Along those lines, our company motto of: Taking Just One Step Towards Living More Sustainably  pushes us to extend gift ideas to you that capitulate these ideals.

Be they modern items, handmade or practical, we've listed our favorite and most sought-after gifts below for your reference. We hope they guide you in your gift-giving this season and all year through!


1. Large Wooden Yard Dice

large yard dice

Who doesn't love to receive games as a gift? They're fun, make people happy AND can be played right away upon receiving! 
Use the smaller wood dice inside until you are able to use these outside.


2. Wooden Beer Mugs

Micro-brews and breweries are all the rage around the country right now & popping up everywhere. Bring your own mug with you as you discover and try out each new brewery you visit. Why not enjoy your take-home beer in this handcrafted wood mug?

wooden beer mug



3. Wood Wine Goblets or Tumblers

Along those same lines, how about wood wine tumblers for those that prefer wine? Choose a classy goblet or a trendy no-stem tumbler. 

wooden wine tumbler


wood wine tumbler


Breathe easy as you imbibe knowing they're unbreakable!

4. Wine Bottle Holders & Displays

For your wine-loving friends, especially those that love to host their own wine tastings, these unique wooden bottle displays are the perfect gift.  Make sure to visit our website to see your entire selection. They're fun to look at!

frog wine bottle holder

wood tricycle bottle display


5. Wearable Wood !

Each Wednesday we all wear & compare our wearable wood.

The Benchmaster brand is a group of people who love life, outdoors, RV life, cabin living and endeavoring to make a difference in our worlds simply one step at a time. We're every age and we often get excited viewing new products that come out during happy hour on Friday evenings! (We'd love to have you join us).

What eco-friendly jewelry do you have and wear? We'd love to see it. If you don't have any or want your friend or family member to join us, then shop our wearable wood collection online and choose your favorites. 

There's something for everyone!

Earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets and more!

bohemian bracelet wood watches wood bead hoop earrings

And-it's not just chic and trendy, but it's the cutest designs that are also eco-friendly for all those socially conscious relatives and friends on your list. 

6. Wood Wall Clocks

Have you seen the modern farmhouse clocks that are so popular these days? Well, we have them made of distressed wood, barn wood, and even shiplap.

The styles are numerous and can be purchased in large or small sizes to fit or to make a statement.

Yes, they tell time, but they can also be a major home decor element. They are a super fun gift to give, as everyone can use a wall clock-somewhere!

Shop the entire collection in our catalog. Below are a few of our faves.

 pallet Family wall clock

 split log clock


    camping clock


    7. Wood Covered Journals

    If you've done any shopping lately you'll know that journaling is a new favorite thing. The old, the young-all are wanting in on this action.

    You can use these for anything: a journal, diary, guest book, sketch pad, field notes, cabin book, the list is endless.

    Why not give a pretty wood covered journal for a special gift? 

    This product is made in the US, and when you purchase this item, one tree is planted each time. Your order will include a ‘BUY ONE. PLANT ONE.’ code that allows you to locate your tree and see the impact you are making on reforestation efforts all over the world.

    wood covered journals

    8. Wood Art

    Never goes out of style. Your favorite saying is always in trend. These extras make for warm & personable gifts for that special someone around the holidays.

    These are lovingly handmade with exquisite attention to detail. Front to back is made with care. They're rustic, original and one-of-a-kind items--which means they make the perfect gift for those you love.

    There are seasonal signs, funny art, and pallet art for favorite hobbies--shop our entire collection online. Just looking at them brings enjoyment. Then come back to purchase when you're ready!

    Here are some of the hottest sellers:


    all is calm wood sign  Wine Not-wood art  Buck Fever-pallet sign


    9. Wooden Electronics Charging Station

    charging station



    In this day and age of all things electronic, everyone needs a charging station to keep all their gadgets together in one place. This works great along with the fact it's made of wood and therefor shock-resistant.

    The wood base keep items from scratching surfaces or conducting (leeching) electricity while charging. 

    We especially appreciate the watch charger. Watch sits flush in the box while charging.

    You may even know someone who doesn't have a bamboo wireless charger? They should! 

    wireless bamboo charger





    10.  Wood Wrapped Spruce Scented Candles

    At this time of year especially, scented candles are a must-give gift!

    That’s why we love to show off ours—they are made with a wood wick and burn spruce scented wax. Not only are they assembled in the USA using real wood, but they also contain American grown soy wax. We have some made of cedar and some of mahogany. You choose!


    wood wrapped candle

    And like the journals above, each candle you purchase a tree is planted.


    11. Classic Wood Coffee Bean Grinder

    We know everyone loves coffee! 
    This makes a great gift--as are all gifts that we wouldn't necessarily buy for ourselves. Not only a classic decorative piece in the kitchen but also functional while grinding fresh beans daily.

    classic coffee bean grinder


    We certainly hope you enjoyed our 10 favorite Christmas gift ideas for this season plus the bonus one! Let us know if we can source any other wood gift ideas for you.

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    Our brand is a group of people who love life, outdoors, RV life, cabin living and endeavoring to make a difference in the world simply one step at a time. We're every age and we often get excited viewing new products that come out during happy hour on Friday evenings! 
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