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blue circle earrings
blue diamond earrings
blue heart earrings
blue oval earrings
blue rectangle earrings
blue square earrings
brown circle earrings
brown diamond earrings
brown heart earrings
brown oval earrings
brown square earrings
green square earrings
pink circle earrings
pink diamond earrings
pink heart earrings
pink oval earrings
pink rectangle earrings
purple circle earrings
purple diamond earrings
purple heart earrings
purple oval earrigns
purple rectangle earrings
purple square earrings
bright circle earrings
bright diamond earrings
bright heart earrings
bright oval earrings
bright rectangle earrings
bright square earrings

Geometric Wood Layered Earrings

Regular price $25.00 $25.00 Sale

Trendy wooden drop earrings in your favorite colors and shapes. Choose the pair that fits your style and wardrobe.

Purchase each for $25 or 4 for $75 (Buy 4 and one of them is FREE!). Use code geometric4earrings at checkout to receive the discount.

Great news: FREE shipping!
Not so great news: arrives 25-45 days.

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