Spice, Salt And Pepper Grinder
salt, pepper, spice grinder
chef with both sizes of grinder
8" and 5" grinders side by side
5" grinder with bottom view
8" grinder with bottom view
grinder peppering steak
grinder instructions

Spice, Salt And Pepper Grinder

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Select 8 inch or 5 inch size.

Purchase ONE (1) grinder for $15 or TWO (2) grinders for $25. 
When you choose 2--it will automatically update pricing at checkout.

Durable oak wood body, ceramic rotor, stainless steel screw cap, corrosion resistant and strong grinder.

Adjustable rotor, easy to use. Includes an adjustable setting that allows both fine and coarse grinding.

The ergonomic streamlined wood body looks elegant and smart on your table at all times and will charm your family and guests.

Perfect for grinding various spices:  peppercorn, sea salt, himalayan salt or other fresh spices. Nothing tastes better than fresh ground each use! 

Spices not included. Fill with the spice of your choice!