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Endorsing the EOS Method

Originally Published August 2019
Updated September 2021


Previously we discussed how purchasing shoes for the right outfit was like hiring the right person for the right position in your company. By now through these blog posts, you will have been introduced to the EOS business operating system for entrepreneurs. This system was created by Gino Wickman and confirmed by several enthusiasts who have worked it and agree that this WORKS.

If you own your own business, manage events, or are employed as an operations manager this business operating system will help you immensely. We highly recommend reading the books and implementing it in your own business or with events and trade shows that you manage.

As you may have found in the history of running your business or event(s), there have been times when you have veered off course and purchased those cute orange shoes—because they looked good at the time but there was never really an outfit that you purchased them for. It's the same with hiring people because they are intelligent, great with people, or for just the reason you don't want to miss out on a great candidate. But this never seems to work. They end up sitting in their box, unworn, longing for the proper outfit where they can be serving their full purpose.

So, as with shopping for shoes it's imperative that you hire the right people for your business. If you think about the structure of your business as the shoe closet and the people who work with and for you as the shoes, then it all starts to make sense.

As Gino Wickman has proven with EOS®, it’s structure first, people second. You MUST define the structure (shoe closet) before finding the right people (shoes). And like finding the right shoe to fit in the right slot in your closet, it’s all about finding the right person for each role in your business.

Fill Your Shoe Closet Using RPRS®.

After you have your Accountability Chart mapped out, it’s time to fill the slots. A company running on EOS calls this Right People Right Seats (RPRS). 

  • Right Person is someone who embodies your Core Values. Everyone enjoys working with them and you can see them flourish in your environment.
  • Right Seat means they LOVE their job. They’re good at it, passionate about the role, and driven to excel.

They also GWC™ the seat:

  • Get it: They have the God-given talent to do the job
  • Want it: They show up every day excited, ready, and willing to ask for help if they need it
  • Capacity: They have the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and skill capacity to do the job

Thankfully, there’s an EOS tool that will help you fill those seats in your Accountability Chart. It’s called the People Analyzer™ and it helps leaders see where they have RPRS and where they don’t. It’s all designed to help you get your People Component™ to 80+% strong.  

Use your Core Values and GWC on each seat to help hire, fire, review, and reward each employee day in and day out. Remember… people are the heart and soul of your company, the best part of the outfit – just like the right shoe. 

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