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3 Easily Executable Features For Your Next Event

We’re living in the experience economy where people are more excited about spending money on experiences than material things.

Creating unique and buzz-worthy event experiences is the best way to differentiate your event. 

Spark your imagination with innovative event ideas to draw new crowds and keep attendees coming back for months and years to come.

Below are 3 features that are interesting, easily set up and executable, and will start you down the road devising ideas for other great features based on your event's theme.

He Shed She Shed

Not only is this a trendy fun feature but you will be the talk of the town when you can say that fast 3x in an on-air interview!

He Shed She Shed feature idea

Necessary items:

  • Obtain 2 sheds: have a shed/outdoor building company sponsor this feature to give them additional exposure at the event. Not only will they be mentioned each time the feature is mentioned, He Shed She Shed sponsored by ..... but encourage interviews to take place in or next to the buildings for on-air viewing.
  • Hire a decorator to decorate the sheds accordingly and that decorator willing to give away those display elements to the winner for the trade in advertising.

  • Incorporate a sign-up and give one of the buildings away—winner chooses HE shed or SHE shed.

  • This will increase your email marketing list as well as engage attendees and make someone very happy.

  • Note: make sure the details are included in the fine print—winner must be able to receive delivery and have a place for the shed!

This is a favorite feature because it will add buzz to your event and your media will engage with the fun of it and you’ll end up with more publicity than expected.

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 3-d selfie creator idea

3-D Selfie Creator

Use technology to capture the exact shape of an individual and produce a 3-D figurine. Incorporate technology and fun into your event to really impress your guests.

People of all ages and backgrounds will appreciate and be drawn to techie type demos and interactive booths. Do your research and choose those techie ideas that serve your event well, with your guests talking about it long after the event ends.


 from this-start in box From this to that...to this-harvest

Brown Thumbs Green.

Diy, diy, diy. Attendees appreciate any project they can learn and incorporate at home. Create a feature dedicated to helping attendees turn their brown thumbs to green by demonstrating how to grow flowers and veggies in garden boxes year-round. Attendees gain confidence by first being successful in a garden box, then moving on to outdoor planting.

 gardening boxes    Start in boxes!


And the harvest is sure to be great! 

Your visitors will thank you for bringing in this feature!

Thanks to Garden Anywhere Box!

(Garden Anywhere Box is a company that sells boxes to grow plants including the irrigation needed. Call them to order yours for your feature-click any picture to contact them).


What hands-on feature fits within your event theme, where attendees will learn an exciting new diy project they cannot wait to implement at home? 

Use these interesting features to bring more attention to your event and give the media something to talk about. Broadcasting dates and times is a boring way to advertise your event! Make it fun and talk about the reasons why the public should visit.

PLEASE add your favorite features in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you.

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