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Wood Decor for Every Part of Your Home

Decorating a home is arguably the best part of moving. All the stress that comes with mortgage calculators and real estate agents are done and finally you get to be creative. The decor that you choose is what makes a space truly your own. You are able to design a house and make it into your home. 

If you are looking to create a rustic, homey feel for your house, choosing wooden decor is the easiest way to create that cozy vibe. It is beautiful, readily available, and generally affordable. Sustainability is not just for Millennials

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If you are looking for ideas on how to deck your home with wooden furnishings, below are just a few suggestions: 

Wood Decor For Your Bedroom

 playing guitar in your wooden loft

(Source: Unsplash) 

The bedroom should be the space in your home wherein you feel the most relaxed. It should be a respite for you and your special someone after a long and tiring day of work and chores. With that said, using wood for your bedroom wall decor is a great way to create a comfy atmosphere. Something similar to the vibe of a rustic cabin in the woods. 

Deck your walls with pieces like our Color Images.

Color Images-a pallet wood sign

Looking for something more patriotic? How about our Old Glory Wood Flag?

Old Glory Pallet Wood Flag


Wood Decor For Your Kitchen

One of the most convenient ways to incorporate wood into your kitchen is with your kitchenware. Adding that rustic pop to a meal is surely enough to set a cozy mood. Whether it's with wooden lighting to warm up the room, or wooden clocks and pallet signs for decoration, there are many options out there in addition to wooden rolling pins, cutting boards and spoons.

 wooden kitchen accessories

(source: Unsplash) 

Our wood pallet coaster set can make any dinner table look stylish and put together. Likewise, our beer mug can make you feel like you are drinking libations the old fashioned way.

 wooden beer barrels

(source: pexels)

This cherry wood ladle is a customer favorite:


Want something else for your kitchen other than dinnerware? Our pendant drop lighting adds a stylish way to light up your kitchen island.

 pendant drop lighting


Wood Decor For Your Living Room


 Family-a pallet wood sign by Barblar


The living room is the first area your guests will see in your home. If you want to create that cozy feel, this is the area you should go all out in. After all, first impressions are everything.

 Sunflower-a pallet wood sign for the LR

Wooden pallet signs are a good way to welcome the people who visit. Why not greet them with a sunshine-y hello with our Sunflower pallet sign? Looking for something more subdued and cozy? Our Good To Be Home sign is as rustic as it gets. You really can’t go wrong with pallet wood for decoration. 

Wood Decor For Every Holiday 

Your seasonal decor can easily be taken up a notch with wooden additions to your home. After all, you will want everything to follow your home’s overall aesthetic - even during the holidays!

 Wise Men-wood pallet sign by Barblar

Celebrate Christmas with the Three Wise Men and this beautiful Wise Men Pallet Sign. Loving the cold weather? Enjoy the season at its fullest with this Let it Snow Pallet Sled.

 Let It Snow Pallet wood sled sign

Decorating your home is a fun experience! The tips and tricks above can help you create the rustic and cozy vibe most people shoot for. With a house so cozy and comfortable, who wouldn’t rush home to relax?


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