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In my part of the country theater rooms are very common. Living here for just 5 short years I have seen them located in every part of a home. Most common is in the “dormer” attic living space, and in areas of the country where basements are common they are typically located there. But I’ve also found them attached to a “man-cave” part of the house. 

man-pad with theater room

man pad plus theater room

Both of the above incorporate a man-pad bar area with the addition of a theater room.

Especially in newer construction theater rooms are becoming very popular.

elaborate theater room

So let’s start with... you would like one but don’t have one yet. The first step is finding a location in your home, large or small, that you can convert into a dark room. It could be a closet that you really don’t need, a portion of a large bedroom where you could divide into bedroom (with windows) on one side and the remaining portion with no windows. Remember, this is a room refresh and not a remodel so think room dividers, dark heavy curtains, etc but not dry wall.

An unused portion of your basement would work well.
Or a portion of your attic.

attic space for theater room

theater room in production

The above is a remodel but good to see what we are talking about. If your dormer/upstairs/attic is finished then you could use this space for your theater room refresh.

theater room in upstairs dormer

Otherwise, this space should be easy to choose as you will want a space without windows. It doesn’t need to be a large space, but it’s your choice. Converting a small space is much easier—and works just as well as a large space.

Let’s look at some of these options:

If you chose to partition a portion of your basement off, choose the end with no windows and close it off with large, heavy dark drapes. Lighting should not be one of the elements in this refresh as you will want to keep your original lights and just turn them off when you’re ready to start the movie.

Very simple:

basement draped off for theater room

basement theater needs drapes for window

Also a very simple refresh, the above was put together using stadium seats and a large screen tv. I would recommend heavy drapes for the patio doors and possibly drapes hung to separate from the rest of the basement. See the example below.

heavy drapes to section off theater room


Next, you’ll want comfortable furniture. There is a variety of “home theater seating” and a huge market for such chairs as the theater rooms have exploded around the country. Check these out here from Seatcraft

You can pull your old comfy sectional into this room or purchase individual chairs as one of your refresh elements. Your choice! Chairs or sofas with personal cup holders make it easy to enjoy the movie when it is dark. I’m not selling for theater seat companies but there are some benefits….each person gets their own comfortable chair and can recline or not per their preference.

simple seating functional theater room

If you like the family style of watching movies together, go for that extra large sectional and/or bean bags. Find your vision and include seating accordingly.

sectional and bean bags for family theater room

theater room with drapes and sectional

How about the below for your teenagers? Always best if they're hanging out at your house! This would make that happen. Add all the side and ceiling lighting for your peace of mind.

large lounging theater room for teens

Next, or should I have said first of all? The big screen tv. I didn’t start with that as most people have a 60” or larger these days. If you don’t, don’t feel bad. I admire your priorities! Choose a flat screen or a screen that pulls down or located behind a cabinet and utilize a projector. These screen and projector sets are very common. I would definitely include the tv or viewing monitor and projector as one of my 3 elements to “refresh” this room.

Here is an example of projector utilized with a screen type monitor.

theater room with projector and screen

screen and projector in theater room

The above is a simple set up with comfortable sofa sectional with pillows and throws along with the "high-tech" screen and projector.

Notice the speakers on the sides and below the tv screen. We'll touch on that in a  minute... 

Your theater room should primarily be functional for the intended purpose---watching movies (or whatever your preference is) in a dark theater-like room.

(Not just for movies...but for sports too!)

Sports for theater room


When the lights are on and you are showing your friends and family this space you’ve created, you may want to have some fun decorations on the walls. Check out some fun pallet signs here and hang the art that fits your personality or your family’s values and interests.

And don't forget when going for comfort and cozy, update your floor covering or…purchase some plush rugs or one large one to encompass and tie the room together.

And lastly, let’s talk about sound. It has become common these days for people to utilize sound bars on their tvs. This consists of a sound bar which projects sound from your tv more evenly to the room you’re in. Some sound bars come with a woofer that you set behind or to the side of your seating for a more surround-sound impact. You can choose tall speakers for placement on either side of your tv screen, speakers mounted on the ceiling and/or walls or choose the easy route and buy just the sound bar and the woofer. The woofer makes a great addition as it adds base to the entire sound and allows for that feeling of surround-sound.

There you have it. Let’s rehash: 3 elements to create your own theater room.

  1. Find the space, section it off with heavy dark drapes or floor to ceiling room dividers. If your only choice is the end of the basement that has windows—no worries! Just add more dark heavy curtains for those windows.

This "refresher" didn't have a choice so placed his theater room at the end of his basement. The only thing he needs is dark drapes for the window.

simple basement to theater room refresh

2.   Next element to implement is your tv or projector and screen. This is fun and an easy shopping spree. So many choices or take the big screen tv from your living room and convert your living room into a conversation, music listening and game playing room.

3.  And lastly, seating. Also a fun shopping spree or try your creative hand at finding something your whole family can sprawl on for a sense of togetherness. You can re-purpose that sectional from your family room into your theater room giving you the freedom to buy something else new for your family room. The home theater seats are fun to research and shop for. You can find some great deals if you look into it.

Those are the 3 critical elements to your theater room. If you already have one or all of these elements or want to splurge past the 3 element limit, then check into wall art, rugs and floor covering, and blankets and pillows for accents and comfort.

Below are theater rooms created in basements.

basement theater room

Notice the throws and pillows for accents and comfort.

Here is small and simple--see? You can do this!

small and simple theater room

And...if you think your basement is too small, check this out!

very small theater room



re-purposed stadium seating for theater roomThis "refresher" discovered old stadium seating and re-purposed for his own theater room. 





Please don't say you can't do this. Check out these 2 simple designs:

very simple theater room

And this one where just the very end of his basement was transferred into a theater room:

end of basement converted to theater room

What other elements have you found that made your theater room perfect? Or more comfortable? Darker? Better sound? Please share below! 

We'll leave you with 3 of our favorites, simple, comfortable or perfect--you decide.

movie theater room

theater room with great seating and color

perfect theater room


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