Room Refresh. Quick and Short.

In this series we’re looking at how to add, swap out, or take away just a couple of items to make your room feel completely new. FRESH!
These blog bursts are short and fun giving you quick ideas that you can implement in an evening or in a few hours before guests arrive.

Last week we did a refresh on your bedroom. That’s one room that not a lot of people see so we tend to leave it alone or not put it as high on our priority list. But we got to it last week. Check back to the previous Refresh Blog Burst if you missed it. And make sure to sign up below to be notified each time a blog burst is published.

This week we are going to concentrate on your Kitchen.

Kitchens are tricky in that we view them as so functional and maybe not as “decorative”. I try to incorporate both in mine. This is a room that everyone sees and in my life it is definitely the most important. With a beautiful living room right off the kitchen 20 people would rather hover around the kitchen island or kitchen table sitting on bar stools and counter stools than comfy living room furniture. I’ve long since given up trying to direct people a different way. They all end up back in the kitchen—especially when the snacks are located there.  smiley

I believe kitchen congregating is a common practice. Sitting around enjoying each other’s company and sharing food and drinks is definitely a fun way to spend your time. I’ve known some dinners to go 5 hours just because there was still an open bottle of wine on the table. And of course, with friends, what better way to have everyone involved in the conversations? All converge here. The kitchen is, most of the time… the center of activity.

Ok, having said all that….this will be different for each of you and I want to stress that from the beginning. I have a small kitchen but know family members and friends that have wide open spacious kitchens-and that doesn’t even include the dining room. So do keep in mind… that what you pick for your 3 elements will vary based on space size.

I would say if you need a kitchen table, so that you can experience the congregating as mentioned above, that is where I would start. How about a pub table? My favorite combo is the pub table with our kitchen island. The pub table is counter height and so is our island. We have comfortable counter height chairs with cushions—I recommend the cushions unless you only entertain bicyclists. (Their butt bones are used to it).  The chairs fit for both. That way if you have more people than fits around either or both, the chairs can also be set between so people have a place to sit. We have 12 such counter chairs and also a bench that runs the length of one side of our pub table. This is all great for seating. Again, this is the first thing you may want to delve into with your kitchen refresh? Or some variation of it depending on the size of your kitchen.

pub table with bench and rug-kitchen

Here's the side view:

side view of kitchen pub table

This wasn’t a refresh when I did it, but a complete room makeover. It was because we just moved into the house and didn’t have anything for it, so I am sharing with you what we did. Keep that in mind as remember-you should only have to incorporate 3 elements into a refresh. I’m giving you all of what we did to give you ideas of options for the 3.

From there, where do you go? Well next…we won a chandelier in a raffle at the Restore store through Habitat for Humanity. I was thrilled! We switched out our generic light that the house came with and put the chandelier in its place. I loved it instantly. It made the room mine and completely updated from the “apartment” look it had before. I was never a chandelier freak, as I am now, because I had just never considered the option. But now, as you can tell, I’m hooked.

chandelier turned on in kitchen


chandelier over pub table in kitchen

Another view--from the side:

side view of chandelier in kitchen

I did ask myself what one other thing can I bring into the mix to make this kitchen complete? I was looking through a catalog and found a red valance. We then ran out and bought a really cool rod of dark rich burnished copper and hung the red valance across the top of the window. This gave it that POP that was needed.

You'll have to look close to see the ends of the valance rod. 

You can see here that the valance makes a nice backdrop with the chandelier in focus...

red valance backdrop to chandelier in kitchen

Yes, the art deco on the walls was also framed in the same burnished copper so that made it work as well. Sometimes you just get lucky. Especially as it was our friends and family that gave us those decorations. And they didn’t shop together! smiley

Notice the dark frames from the art, curtain rod, and chandelier bring out the best in these beige walls? That was a lesson to me--I really did not want to paint and had to get over the fact they flubbed when painting my walls and gave me a color that I didn't choose. I love it now, but you should have seen me when I saw the error!

I am also going to add that we did buy a rug for under our pub table to give it a feeling of warmth over the tile floor. The colors tie in nicely with the red valance--you'll have to look closely as the red is subtle as it exists only in the border around the design. The whole rug is cream based which seems to neutralize the entire effect, yet still contains multiple colors that helps brighten up the room.

kitchen rug

So what do we have for you to consider? Let’s go over it:
Table and seating
Curtains or valance or both. Sometimes colored wood slatted blinds give it a pop.
Area rug-either in the main part of the kitchen or for under your table
Art, decorations.

A little more about art and decorations in your kitchen… I think this is the best place to hang cute signs. I have Wine and Coffee sayings hung in my kitchen and after 4 years I am still not tired of those. I will eventually switch them out, but they are so fitting I am not quite ready to do that yet. Find signs that reflect your humor, your beliefs or are fitting for a kitchen setting. Make it interesting!
Click here for cute pallet sign ideas

coffee mug art                wine and coffee wall art


all together wall art in kitchen


wine bottle art deco in kitchen

I like how the wine bottles pulled in the red from the valance and coordinated with the wall color.

I have to admit—I think kitchens are the most fun to refresh! Because it is the room everyone sees. All the time! I want my guests to feel welcome, warm and friendly in my kitchen.

It is also the room that really? I would probably refresh the most often. Especially with a rug. Or art work. Such an easy mini-update to switch out a rug. Have fun with it! Use fun colors! And please! Share with us, below, elements you found that inspired you or made it all come together for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Here are a few kitchen refreshes shared with us that we thought you would enjoy and inspire you! Great job-- refreshers!


kitchen refresh-sharer     

I LOVE how just buying the green stools and adding a lamp to your kitchen gave it a warm fresh look! Kudos!





kitchen update by a refresher

I like the drop down valance you added! The red makes the tan and white POP! And the hanging lights are just what was mentioned before--functional and decorative. 

Keep sending us your pictures with the updates you made! We love to see what you did! 

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