Room Refresh. Quick and Short. 

In this series we’re looking at how to add, swap out, or take away just a couple of items to make your room feel completely new. FRESH!
These blog bursts are short and fun giving you quick ideas that you can implement in an evening or in a few hours before guests arrive.



Last week we did a refresh on your Kitchen. That’s a big one because we all know how kitchen congregating works! So we got to it last week. Check back to the previous Refresh Blog Burst if you missed it. And make sure to sign up below to be notified each time a blog burst is published.



Your Bathroom!



This week’s blog burst we’ll tackle that bathroom you’ve been neglecting.
You choose: your master bath? A guest bath?  Or the kid’s bathroom?

When choosing 3 elements for a bathroom refresh the top most that comes to mind is:
Art work
Cabinets or shelving
Shower Curtain—this is highly underrated! See below…

That doesn’t seem like a lot to choose from, but it is! These smaller bathrooms can be refreshed every year if you so desired! It is a small thing to purchase the latest and greatest in rugs—the set that includes the shower rug, the rug around the toilet and the sink rug. I tend to buy the toilet seat rug separately and pick a color that contrasts the others.

Starting here is probably your best bet as that will determine color scheme. Do you want a solid color? Or design with many colors? YOU get to choose. I would think it would depend on if it’s your bathroom or the kid’s, etc. Below you’ll see examples of multi-color or print shower curtains and how we added in around that.

You may be in need of a new toilet or…a new bathtub insert, but that’s not what we’re doing here. This is cosmetic. So don’t get overwhelmed before we even start.  smiley
Remember….our mantra…this is not a Remodel or a Makeover. This is a refresh. That means up to 3 elements. 

Let’s start with a kids’ bathroom. There are so many fun(!) colors available for kids bathrooms. We’re talking colors that make a kid get up and smile in the morning! The more color in the shower curtain, the more options for towels. I can’t say enough about the towels hanging in the bathroom—this adds color and ties into the curtain. Helping your kids remember to hang their towels up in the bathroom will give them a sense of design and not just another task to do.

task master art


If your shower curtain has multiple bright colors then add to that with different bright colored towels and rugs that match the bright colors in the curtain.

color shower curtain for kids bathroom


bright colors to match shower curtain


color rug to match bright shower curtain in kids bathroom



Get a colorful rug with all these colors in it to really make the room look nuts or buy each rug in one of the colors.




Give each kid a color to be responsible for. Say you have 3 kids that all use this bathroom (this is just to give you ideas…) give one kid orange, one hot pink and one blue or yellow. Ask them to help you find the perfect bathroom art for the wall in their color. They will take better care of a bathroom they are invested in. 

kids bathroom art

fish art for kids bathroom


For your guest bath what color scheme do you prefer? Casual? Neutral? Elegant? Start there and then add curtain (if full bath), rugs and artwork.

I recently came across a shower curtain that had a real-life painting on it. So real in fact, that I felt as if I took a step forward I would end up in the scene.

real life shower curtain

I found it intriguing and know that’s the direction I’ll go for my next refresh. You could add dark and/or plain color towels to blend with it, and a rug that adds to the illusion. This could be a lot of fun!

There are a lot of options out there and to choose from. When you see the right color for you and your specific bathroom go for it. Be bold and reflect your own style or the style you want to display.

I know I mentioned above, the shower curtain being highly underrated. It is and it isn’t. The shower curtain is probably where people most likely begin when they are refreshing their bathroom. But I need to tell you in case you don’t know this…for a master bathroom I highly recommend the curved shower curtain rods. Our tiled bathtub and shower looks like our own personal spa when we added this curtain rod. It bows outward and gives us a spa-like feel--open and spacious.

bowed shower curtain rod




Hard to see it bowed here-you'll have to take my word for it!










I didn’t mention this above as an element of a refresh because it generally isn’t seen unless you show it off or you have guests…but the shower head is a GREAT element to add. There are various shower heads that spray water on you where you never want to get out. Google shower heads to see what I’m talking about and splurge! Add that as an extra to your refresh for element #4 just for you as a reward for all your hard work refreshing your home.

Here is a bathroom that needs a couple of items to refresh it…how about changing out the white shower curtain for a multi print?

pre - refresh bathrrom

  • Change out the white hand towel rack for something of the dark metal variety?
  • How about a track of lighting for above the mirror?
  • A cabinet or shelving over the toilet-of dark wood or metal to give it that rich feel?

add dark shelf above toilet

  • How about a valance over the window that coordinates with the shower curtain?
  • Rug in front of the sink and rug in front of the toilet that warms up this room?

bath rugs for accent

  • Colors that blend or contrast with the other colors?
  • What about a simple plastic flower arrangement as a splash of color amidst this neutral color scheme? Set it on the counter....

fresh accent for bathroom counter

  • Or something that goes with that new shower curtain? And…don’t forget the curved shower curtain rod to give you more space in your shower…

 Any or all of those items placed in that basic bathroom would be the perfect refresh.


Here is a bathroom refresh share:

bathroom refresh share

This refresher ordered the shower curtain online. She then stumbled across the art--matching yet contrasting--a GREAT combo!

Points to notice: the shower curtain and its colors. The towels-darker for contrast. The rugs-lighter to blend and not take away from the great colors of the curtain. The artwork is perfect for this bath. Gives the room character and ties in to the color scheme! The only thing I would do differently? Add in a rust colored toilet seat cover for contrast.


color ful shower curtain for options in bathroom

With the above shower curtain you can imagine the color options you would have. You could go with the teal in both dark and light for rugs and towels. Or you could go with the dark brown for rugs and light brown for towels and/or toilet seat cover. The options make this FUN.

I have to admit I would freeze having to look at this shower curtain.

winter scene shower curtain

I love this one as it sucks me in and my heart relaxes.

fall nature scene shower curtain


I know a couple little boys that would have fun with this shower curtain

adventure shower curtain

And last but not least...check this waterfall themed shower curtain out:

waterfall shower curtain

This one I'll admit I would prefer to see it on the inside of the bathtub so I could look at it while soaking.

So! Where are you at with bathroom refreshes??
Don’t be overwhelmed! This just gives you ideas. I do recommend starting with the shower curtain, but you don’t have to! You might want something as simple as changing out the rug color? Throw in a new toilet seat for contrasting color and you’re happy! That’s fine. You’re only doing this for you. And remember! It’s our mantra…this is just a REFRESH. Pick 3. That’s all. Limit yourself for the sole reason to not overwhelm yourself. Just pick 3. Have fun with it.

Let us know your struggles. Did you find the bathroom hard to refresh? Why or why not? What did you do to break it down into just the 3 elements to change it up with? Comment below so we know!

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