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Today we’re going to talk about refreshing a room of your home into a Recreation Room.

Your kids are growing into teenagers or….they’ve moved away from home and you would like a sophisticated play room for you and your friends. We’ll talk today about your options and narrow it down to just 3 elements needed to refresh this room.


teenager rec room

Or yours...

sophisticated rec room refresh


The most popular room conversion for a rec room is in the basement.

basement rec room with pool table

basement rec room

Attic or dormer spaces also work for a rec room.

attic for rec room refresh

dormer rec room attic refresh

dormer attic rec room refresh

Once you’ve chosen the room you will refresh ask yourself what types of games you, your spouse and the close friends you’ll invite over love to play. You may have the space for a foosball, ping pong and pool table or you may have to make some priority selections.

pool and foosball

Do you have a garage you can convert—remember this is a refresh not a remodel, so the garage would already have to be heated and cooled, basically already converted into a space in your home. But if it is available, there you have a great option for all of these games.

garage converted into rec room refresh

Growing up that’s what my family did. Converted the garage into a family room which then became the rec room. We got a ping pong table and proceeded to have tournaments with any and all guests. We added a small version of an air hockey table and had some fun! The ping pong table folded up so we also obtained a bumper pool table which if you’ve never played I highly recommend it.

bumper pool table

The table cover on that was a poker playing set-up which we sometimes used for cards but mostly used to put puzzles together. We had a rec room before we knew what a rec room was!

In your rec room refresh, once you’ve decided on the games then check online for great deals or craigs list for used equipment. If you've finished putting your kids through college you deserve all the games and brand new!

Placement of the games you chose should be considered as you may want to include a bar area, tv watching area or part of your rec room may be dedicated to exercise equipment. If wii or garage band will be played make sure you have the room for it. And remember if you have to move furniture or other games out of the way to play? Those games may not be played often.

ping pong table in rec room refresh

Make it easy to set up to use each one or have a plan. Seasonally switch out certain games to the garage or storage barn out back and set up the ones that are in season. You decide what “season” you’re in. Note:  Air hockey is a YEAR – ROUND game.

air hockey for basement rec room refresh

The rec room can sometimes be off to the side of your man-pad/cave.

man pad slash rec room

And your rec room could occupy the other side of the basement from your theater room.

combined rec room and theater room

If you don’t have a lot of options or space, choose just one game, your favorite or the one you want to improve at and set that up.

ping pong preference in small rec room refresh

Don’t let lack of space damper your fun. Make it work.

Decorations should be a consideration for 1 of your 3 elements. For me I would think you could have a lot of fun with it. Scoreboards, license plates, bottle caps from all over or for the teen rec room ball caps collected from various teams,  street signs, pictures of your favorite bands, or even wood or metal art.

Colorful artwork fits nicely in these rooms and shopping for and finding wall signs with fun or meaningful sayings is a given.

Whether you want a dart board game or not, it could always be used just for decoration to add to the theme in your rec room.

dart board for rec room refresh

Don’t forget your lighting. Lighting can help you see the pool table (functional) or class up (chandelier) your mid-life rec room to justify it.

lighting over pool table


tv lighting for pool table


Be mindful of… pinball game lighting, tv lighting, natural light from windows and maybe re-think any lamps near the wii or ping pong table.

There you have it! Once you’ve chosen your space your first order of business is to bring in your favorite game(s). Once you have the game(s) lined up figure out the best lighting for each game and the room in general. And lastly, have fun creating your theme or atmosphere with the decorations you find.





The beauty again with the room refresh is the shopping! Take your time. Enjoy the process. Google and check out-of-the-way shops when you’re traveling. Once you start focusing on this refresh you will find these items catching your attention. This is a refresh where you can change it up every 2-3 years as you find new games or outgrow others.

Note: it can be as simple as a bar area with one game

simple rec room refresh

 or incorporated into an entire room ensemble

entire rec room ensemble

Have fun with this refresh and then continue having fun for years to come.

Don’t forget to include your favorite games below in the comments. What did we miss? Please share!

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