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For those of you that have a front porch…we’re going to walk you through using just 3 elements to refresh this portion of your home. If done right you can utilize this area as another room in your house (if enclosed and heated & cooled) or for an additional space you can utilize for a certain amount of time each year.

Not everyone has a porch but this will still be fun to read in case you have a space in your home that you can make to look like a front porch—even if it’s not on the front of your house!

Let’s get started…

Furniture should be your first consideration. You’ve all seen pictures from the past with wood rockers and someone rocking while knitting.

front porch rocker sterotype

Let’s update that stereotype just a bit.

white rockers on front porch


front porch with updated rockers

Outdoor furniture can be made from recycled plastic, wood, wicker, cement benches and cushioned for comfort too.

front porch furniture

furniture on front porch

patio furniture for front porch room refresh

Recycled plastic front porch furniture:

recycled plastic front porch furn


recycled plastic for front porch furniture


wood front porch furniture

Then there's your traditional wicker front porch furniture...

wicker front porch furniture

light blue front porch furniture

What is your preference? Are you going for a certain look? Will you be using this space a lot?

I would choose cushioned furniture...

cushioned front porch furniture

Will it be subject to weather elements? All are considerations when you’re choosing which furniture for your front porch.

Your front porch refresh can be as simple as this with plants and a swing:

simple front porch refresh with swing

The swings work great in small spaces too!

small front porch refresh with swing

The 2nd consideration for your front porch is your lighting. There are so many options to choose from. Just google porch lighting and you’ll see what I mean. Lamps and lanterns, string lights and unique fixtures for light bulbs. Even chandeliers! Once you’ve decided on the feel or look of your front porch you’ll be ready to pick out your furniture. And once you have the furniture placed where you want it, then you can add lighting. You will get a feel for the lighting as you’re shopping and go with your gut to match the overall feel you’re going for.

lantern lighting for front porch


lighting on front porch

Keep in mind that your lighting needs electricity so remember to place your furniture accordingly if you’ll be using this space to read.

 lights for reading at night on front porch

Or the traditional stand-by, recessed lighting...

recessed lighting for front porch room refresh

A nice touch...

string lights and lamp on front porch refresh

 A nice look and feel is lighting interspersed with fans like here:

hanging lights and fans on front porch refresh

You can create your front porch space simply with just lighting and furniture:

simple just lighting and furniture for front porch refresh

And lastly, I would say decorations, but really, I would suggest decorating with only plants and flowers. You can choose to hang them from the front porch railing, place on steps, or put together vignettes to create a great area with atmosphere.

adding plants to front porch refresh

 plant vignettes on front porch refresh

This should be your easiest room refresh yet. Go with simple. Just a chair, a light and a plant and you’ll have a great sitting area on your front porch. It can be as simple as this...

simplest yet beautiful front porch refresh


simple yet perfect front porch room refresh

simple front porch refresh 

just a chair swing and plant for front porch refresh

It’s up to you!

Or…start simple and keep adding to it as you shop and as you find your items.

And of course this Front Porch Refresh wouldn't be complete without including a front porch utilzing my favorite....a chandelier!

front porch refresh with a chandelier 

What did you put on your porch that we didn’t mention? Please share below.

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