She Shed

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First, there were actual caves. Then came man caves. Then busy women needed their own quiet reprieve from the world, and so the backyard haven known as the “she shed” came to be. 

What is a she-shed?

A retreat. That’s really the only solid definition of a she-shed. A retreat you can call your own. After that, it can be anything.

A she-shed is your crafting corner. It’s your quiet place to curl up with your latest book. It’s a gardening spot. The beauty of a she-shed is it can be whatever you make it. The whole point is that you remove yourself from the chaos of your house and possibly the people around you and have a quiet space all to yourself.

This does not mean “no boys allowed”, but it does mean you can invite who you want inside, or no one at all.

simple she shed

Why do she sheds tend to be located outside other than for the reason that they are “sheds”? Because as women we know there are a thousand and one things to do in the house and if you continue to see what needs to be done you will keep at it instead of taking a break and enjoying some time.

Placing your shed in a secluded spot and surrounding it with grassy plants, vines, and window boxes full of flowers helps create a tranquil vibe, all the better for establishing a calm place to get some thinking done. Bring the garden inside as well, by decorating with plants, freshly picked flower arrangements, and plush pillows.

she shed in the garden

Clean out your old backyard shed.

backyard shed into she shed

Don't have an old shed already sitting around your backyard? You can buy one of many cute options at Quality Buildings… Talk to Ray—he’ll help you find what you’re looking for and answer all of your questions. (They deliver).

Find one with unique characteristics

whimsical looking she shed

And use-able elements like a sloped roof that you can sit under way back in the backyard.

cool practical sloped roof she shed

You can have a purpose for your shed or just as a hide-away place to spend quiet time alone and away from everyone. Or if you are looking for a place to invite your friends over to enjoy with you? make sure it is stocked with their favorites...

stock your she shed with your guests' faves

And for those that love their she shed but want their family to enjoy it (sometimes) with them create your space to include a table for game night but make sure you have your own chair that is all yours.

she shed for the whole family

A she shed can also be for the avid crafter or gardener, or a private place to paint, draw, write or curl up with a glass of wine/tea and a good book.

Readers retreat she shed:
a readers retreat she shed


she shed for reading

A Painter's dream she shed

a painter's dream she shed

If you’re a serious crafter, you know your supplies take up every available space possible. That’s why this she-shed

she shed for the crafter

is just what you’re looking for. Not only does it have a long, wide counter to work on, but it has the space to store everything.

Sometimes the kitchen table isn’t the best place to blog, which is why this garden blog retreat she shed below has all the essentials: a sturdy chair, natural lighting, and a great view.


writer's corner-she shed

For those of you who like more of the outdoor patio get-away create a patio outside of your she shed and hang out there. Your she shed can be just in case it rains.

she shed for the patio lovers

Decorating a she shed isn't about spending lots of money—it's about creating a space that feels relaxed and cozy.

elegant she shed

Search flea markets and antique shops for unique finds. 

You could also decorate with romantic outdoor curtains, pendant drop lights, or hanging DIY lanterns.  

So whether you’re looking for a shed for a specific reason or just to say that you have one? Find the space where you can place it, plant the shed there and begin to decorate.

Remember to hang the PERFECT She Shed sign!

decorate your she shed

As always, the furniture is your first and foremost consideration depending on what you’ll be using it for. Sofas, chairs and tables or occupational set-ups—you choose.

Get your lighting right and make sure you take full advantage of windows and outdoor lighting being that you’re outside.

full advantage of outdoor lighting in your she shed

And finally, the most fun of all and definitely the element that makes this your She Shed—decorate it.

Have fun and please share below any elements or other purposes you’ve found to use your She Shed for.

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